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How do *you* pronounce Tesla?

  • Tesla

    Votes: 33 62.3%
  • Tezla

    Votes: 20 37.7%

  • Total voters
I interchange both, no idea why...

Phonetically it should be tes-luh (IPA it’s ˈtɛslə) with a soft s rather than z.

Given the trademarkable, searchable & impossible to pronounce names of
most cars these days, Tesla or Tezla is all good.
More S than Z but somewhere in between?

Well put I think. That's about where I am. I pondered the question because folk I meet seem to be more Z than S. I thought my S sound might've come from watching too many Americans on You Tube.

On a quick Google it seems Elon Musk is a Z man:
With a Single, Hilarious Tweet, Elon Musk Shows You're Probably Pronouncing 'Tesla' Completely Wrong

Tessla. Serbian friend confirms this is the correct way to say the surname of Nikola Tesla, & I presume there's a connection.... :p

... but I think I'll stick with your Serbian friend.