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PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

There’s a Tesla-app-wide issue right now. Can’t access the app controls, status, etc...
App / API outage? (2018-04-21)
App Connection down?

If you have a 3, leave the app on the 3, and DON’T logout of the Tesla app until the current app issue is fixed.

Else, you will definitely not be able to use the phone to open and start the car. Will have to use the card.

I didnt know it was system-wide. So I tried logging out and back into the app. And it wont let me back in. So i cant use the phone as key.

But prior to logging out, it was still working to open and start the 3 because of the local BT connection. My wife’s phone still works since she didnt log out, even though she still cant access any of the controls via the app (like pre-cool, charge status, etc.)
Yeah I got caught by this system wide issue today. I have an X and I left the house for a short errand without my key (it was sitting in the garage), realized I didn’t have my key but thought, eh, that’s ok, I can always unlock and start the car with the app.

Ugh. I had to call my daughter to swing by with my key when I realized the Tesla network was down. I’m never going to live that one down...