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PSA: spotify and echo auto don't play nice together

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Active Member
May 31, 2015
just a heads up, if you have echo auto you can't interchangeably go back and forth between asking alexa to play stuff via spotify and using the built in car interface.

i've found three potential scenarios / pitfalls:

1) if you pick something on the v10 spotify screen, and then switch to echo auto and ask her to play something via spotify, it will keep playing on the car (which you won't be able to hear since you're now on the phone input). to get it to switch back to playing on the phone, you either have to close out of the spotify app (on phone) and start over or enter the spotify app and pick "this phone" as the device you're playing on.

2) by the same token, if you're playing something on the car interface, you can tell alexa to play something via spotify and it will play on the car screen (but you won't be able to hear feedback from her on what she's doing). you can also switch to the phone input, ask her to play something, and then switch back to the spotify screen and the song should be playing from spotify built into the car.

3) if you're playing something on the phone (via echo auto or by opening it up in app yourself) and then switch to the spotify screen in the car, the car will take over and start playing on the built in interface (i believe this is true, i don't remember if i specifically tested this one).
That’s kind of quirk on how Spotify works. It does the same thing if you use a PC to pick a song on the website. It'll play on whatever device was last playing.

in some ways the feature is cool, because it allows you to use a device with a better UI to pock a song on another. But in others it can cause weird issues like you described.