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PTO finally approved but Tesla App not working

So I received my PTO on Friday around noon for my Tesla Solar only system (no battery). I immediately turned the system on after receipt of PTO. A day later and my Tesla app tells me that “No products found”. I logged into the inverter to see if I could find anything wrong. I noticed a message regarding the Site Meter: “Failed to connect to remote meter’s Wi-Fi access point. Power cycle meter, then try again.” I also see an option that reads: “REMOVE WI-FI METER”. I have cycled the system on and off a few times. The inverter is connected to my network and my panels are producing energy. I just can’t get the Tesla App to recognize my system. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix? Thanks.
Similar thing happened to me. If you only got the PTO email from the power company, you may want to call Tesla energy activations and let them know you received PTO. The rep will ask you to send them your confirmation email so they can update their end of things, and you should see your status update in your Tesla online account. You technically don't have to call them, because Tesla should eventually catch up and see you got PTO and update everything on their end, but if you want to speed up the process, like with everything else involved with the entire Tesla solar project, you should give them a call.

To get solar to show up in the app, they'll need to register/activate your Tesla inverter in their system. Not exactly sure what that part entails because it took me weeks of calling nearly every day before I found someone that knew how to properly register it and get it to report in the app. Some reps told me there were two different systems, and the one on the app side was different and my inverter wouldn't register for some reason. I think some reps may have been confused because the rep that finally fixed everything for me wanted to double-check again that I had a Tesla inverter and she was perplexed why she was seeing notes in my account about the zigbee "gateway" reporting device which is only needed for non-Tesla inverters.

If your inverter is connected to your home wifi network, then they should be able to see it reporting on their end and then link it to the system that handles the app monitoring.

The "site meter" wifi connection you're seeing in the inverter login page refers to the Neurio device that is used to measure grid consumption. If the installers put in a Neurio (previously called a power blaster), then you should have another set of breakers you need to turn on. That Neurio box should be installed in your panel and has some CT sensors that clamp around your main bus bar and measure the power that your utility power meter reports. It connects to the Tesla inverter over the "site meter" wifi connection, and that's how you get home consumption information, assuming they got all the polarities correct (in my case, they didn't, and it's still not fixed).

In the inverter login page, if the site meter Neurio is connected, you should see additional power status information. You'll see the amount your panels are producing and then the amount going to/coming from the grid which is measured by the Neurio and should more or less match what you see on your utility meter. The solar consumption + grid consumption = your house consumption. If grid consumption is negative, then you're sending excess solar back to the grid and the remainder is your house consumption.
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