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Purchase question: used Model S vs new Model 3 (and/or X vs Y)

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I am currently considering used Model S vs new Model 3 (and/or X vs Y). I realized there are size and pricing differences. But here it goes. For my budget, I am considering:
  • 2019-2021 (ish) Model S
  • 2018-2019 (ish) Model X
  • 2024 Model 3 (AWD or Performance)
  • 2024 Model Y AWD (probably not the performance cause of the harsh suspension)
To add more variables to the equation, 2021 Model 3 and Y can be on the table too. Full auto pilot ready would be nice for future proof.

I prefer dual motor, “good” tech / convenient comfort over range and power.

Which one would be the preferred model / model year? Or which one to avoid?

It’s not just about price. The four models are all different from one another — which one fits your needs best?

We have a 2023 MYP and don’t find the suspension to be at all harsh. We test drove both an LR and P and didn’t notice any significant difference in ride quality.
i will not consider the non refresh S (pre 2021) at all, if you have the budget for new 3P, you should look for a post 2021 used refresh S Long range, or at least thats what I will do. Everything about the refreshed lineup is much more superior than the 3P even though its from 2021. For Tesla, its not about getting the latest car, its about getting the best tech vs $, in this case, a post-2021 Long Range S is your best option, unless your priority is a smaller car.
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