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Purchased 1st Tesla

I’ve been eyeing a Tesla since 2017 and have test driven and had weekends with everything but the Model Y. The timing was never right and last weekend the timing finally hit.

I pulled the trigger on a 2017 Model S 100d. It met all my criteria and I’m excited to see it come in. It’s located in AZ and I’m waiting to have it delivered to VA. I purchased the car from Tesla.com and never interacted with an Advisor or a sales rep prior to purchase. I completed all the paperwork it asked in the account session and prior to purchase it mentioned that it would take 2-3 weeks to transport. So I have a few questions below since I’ve had zero correspondence from anyone yet.

1. Did anyone buying used actually see that Tesla’s window was accurate to be delivered?

2. Am I able to use a local advisor even if the purchase didn’t go through them?

3. Is there anyone I can contact to get an accurate ETA?

I’m asking this because I travel for work and I’ve heard about the 3 day window they contact you and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it.
The used Tesla buying experience is not the greatest, so my suggestions is to expect the worst and when it all goes well you'll feel great. For me (2 years ago) it was almost exactly 4 weeks from the date of deposit to the date of delivery (AZ to NJ). I did have a sales advisor contact me pretty soon after purchasing but not sure how it works now.