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Purchased Y with FSD, but car's interstate autosteer and summon aren't functioning.

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Hey guys,

I picked up my new Y with FSD yesterday in Atlanta. Throughout the 150mi drive back home to Augusta I was never able to get the car properly into autopilot (it would act as cruise control and slow down as it approached vehicles, but it never had any control over its own steering). Today, while testing in a clear and open area, the Summon feature would not work. I would attempt to summon on the app and the app's automatic response would be "summon is stopping".

All of the autopilot/FSD options are enabled in settings and it says its cameras are 100% calibrated. Is this a concerning issue or should I give the car more time?
The calibration of the cameras typically only takes somewhere <20 miles or so. Maybe a silly question, but did you double pull the stalk down to activate it? Does your tesla account online correctly show full self driving option and did you verify that its (the full self driving option) properly on the motor vehicle purchase agreement?

If all that is true, I would recommend contacting tesla about it, because a 150 mile drive home is plenty of time for calibration etc.
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I would attempt to summon on the app and the app's automatic response would be "summon is stopping".
Do you have "require continuous press" setting enabled? this would require you to hold the forward/reverse button (for basic summon).
AP has made my commute a lot easier. The 4.12 firmware is working great at the Foothills and Arastradero intersection that used to give me problems. I was following other cars yesterday, but even that used to disengage before on previous firmware.


I have no experience with summon or smart summon. Those are disabled and I haven't even tried either.