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Purchasing someone's reservation...

Just wondering the legitimacy of purchasing someone's reservation who may have received an email to configure...can it be transferred, can you still get the rebate, who is taking on these legal implications for ownership and such? I ask because I was a late reservation, but would consider an earlier delivery if possible!
From what I've read, people have done it with no problem. And I tried modifying the info on the account too (adding middle name). I believe that's all it takes, changing the info on the account to your name and it will become yours. Of course you'll have to change the password after that. Once that's changed, everything done after that will be under your name. So getting the rebate is not an issue.
My friend did in the states. All that needs to be done is you change all the login information on the website including email accounts. This should all be done before configuring the car though.