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Q1 2020 PM3 Lease Questions

Whats up everyone

Been on the forum for a while reading and seeing peoples posts clicking links looking at all inventory across all sites etc figured id post something and hear what some of you have to say.

I am looking to lease a PM3 in blue with FSD and white interior. Im seeing $700-$730 depending on how I play with the calculator and I know Elon spoke of increasing FSD Nov 1st but I am still in the waiting game looking to buy one come Q1 of 2020 when I hit my 30th birthday.
On Tesla.Com I see $1200 doc fee in the configuration but is that included as part of the quoted lease I am seeing? I see the acquisition $695 & in NJ we dont pay sales tax but I guess what im asking is how many of you pay similar to what you were once quoted?

My Cayenne gets about 7-8 days on a full tank 340miles with normal driving and im paying $75-$80 a week x 4 is a hefty gas bill I have 45 months left on my finance and the lease would be 36mo so the way I see it I get out of the gas bill and that money is now being contributed to my PM3 plus I save 9mo of Porsche car payments and I would think my Tesla would be cheaper to insure then my Porsche which is $185mo with Progressive

What are some of you guys paying insurance wise? Im not really interested in a S or X I was a few months ago but if I got a refreshed S 90D or 100D depending on the build year its still the older battery packs doesn't support the charging like the 3 and refreshed or not it still feels like a 2012 when it first arrived.

I dont really see any 2020 TM3 being any different then Q3 2019 when I think HW 3.0 came out maybe im wrong though.

you realize you dont have the option to buy the tesla when your lease is over...right?

this makes leasing a tesla an insanely bad decision. I was goin to lease a performance with a 15k downpayment and had monthly payments of 290 or something..then I realized that I would be completely throwing my money away so I decided to just buy it..at least I have something when its all said and done.
as far as insurance, I priced around and found that my insurance went up by around $100 a month to add it with a 2017 tacoma and a 2019 cr-v
you realize you dont have the option to buy the tesla when your lease is over...right?

this makes leasing a tesla an insanely bad decision. I was goin to lease a performance with a 15k downpayment...

I would agree with this under the high downpayment scenario, certainly not a good idea. My lease included a $ .14 downpayment and almost 69% residual, certainly this would not be likely to be purchased at the lease end anyhow and works out to about $ .78/mile during the 3 years, taxes and all, pretty reasonable for a $ 49,000 car.
$3500 down on a 72mo finance gives me a $980 finance payment on a 3.99% interest. If I do a lease with adjusted numbers for "total due at signing" and keeping it still $3500 down Id be looking at $780 I am just going by Teslas website I havent looked into Credit unions for better rates or anything Im just keeping everything as a broad subject for now.

If I dont plan on keeping the PM3 due to the eventual S and X redesigns wouldn't I be in a better situation with a lease? I know about the no option to buy out the 3 but you guys arent the first people Ive heard saying its not worth leasing and I still havent figured out why? I am a blue PM3 with white interior and FSD.
You could buy the thing and finance it (at your discretion). There's a bit of inherent risk in that - then again, it's really not that much money over the long haul.

Leasing in general is a bad way of spending money and leasing a Tesla is a bad way of leasing - period.
Not going to wade into the leasing decision - that’s solely yours - but for insurance ... was very comparable to my previous vehicle (Cadillac XT5) I believe within $30/yr.

I’m paying approximately $900/yr for the Model 3. State Farm, full coverage, high limits, low deductibles, etc.
Leasing actually kinda makes sense for Teslas due to the possibly insane depreciation. The tech is constantly changing. In 3 years we will probably see a 500-600mi Model 3, 3.2s will probably be standard just to screw with ICE manufacturers, etc. Look at what happened to used Model S
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