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Quantifying the level of hate for the dealership moodel

Discussion in 'Tesla, Inc.' started by Grassy Knoel, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Grassy Knoel

    Grassy Knoel Member

    Feb 11, 2013
    Calgary, Albertastan
  2. c041v

    c041v Member

    Jan 7, 2013
    Edmonton, AB
    I read this the other day, and I'm in that boat. Buying a car from a dealer has become one of the worst life experiences. Salting this wound, I recently listened to an episode of "This American Life" that shadowed the staff of a Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealer for a month. I had to apologize to my S/O for several profanity laced tirades throughout the podcast based on what I was hearing.
  3. flybob08

    flybob08 Member

    Jan 10, 2013
    Sugar Land, TX
    I agree - this was the easiest least hassle purchase of a car that I have ever made. Especially liked that there was no pressure to buy products or options I didn't need or want from a commissioned F & I guy ($300 for nitrogen for $1.00 worth of nitrogen for my tires). It also took about 15 minutes to order the car and even less to deal with the paper work, not 1/2 a day to haggle and wait for the paperwork. Best part, the car was dropped off at my doorstep.

    Loss of tax credit for trade-in (a Texas thing) was the worst part.
  4. daxz

    daxz Member

    Nov 15, 2011
    Denver, CO
    Here is a stream
    129 Cars | This American Life
    there is a bleeped version here too:
    Episode 513: - bleeped | This American Life
  5. taraquin

    taraquin Member

    Jul 14, 2013
    I submitted a reply which pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject:
    "I find it fascinating that in many US-states you can`t even buy a car direct from the factory. I live in Norway, a country which by most american standards must be considered close to communism, BUT no one gives a sh*t about how you buy your car. Buy it online, buy it direct from the manufacurers own dealer, buy it from a third party dealer. We have our own ADA, but they don`t mind that most Audis are bought through direct dealers or that you can go into a mall and order a Tesla or do it yourself online. Isn`t this what the free market is all about? Choosing the way you buy things by yourself? I find it beyond stupid claiming that people needs the ADA because buying a car is so complicated etc. If you had to go through the "MDA" (mobile dealers association) and haggle each time you bought a cellphone for 100 USD and haggle for 20 minutes to get a fair price of 98 USD, people would go crazy. Yeahyeah, buying a cheap cell isn`t the same as buying a 50k car, but the idea is the same. Why does all the people in the rest of the world (perhaps except North Korea and a few others where buying a car isn`t even an option) avoid such regulations? Are the politicians in the pocket of ADA? Are americans in general so stupid that they cannot buy a car without going to some ADA-dealer? If for instance GM started selling cars directly they would probably need a staff and many former employees from a ADA-dealer would have a job there instead. They could give fixed prices which would be far below ADA-prices (cutting out the middleman always cuts the cost since the competition in the carindustry is extremely high). The last car I bought was a Tesla and it was the most pleasant way to buy I car that I have ever experienced! No haggelig, no seller trying to rip you of with ordering this and that and I knew I made the same good deal as the person next to me that ordered his car aswell. BMW wants to try out online sales here in Norway and I think it`s only a mather of month\few years before major parts of the industry does the same... Meanwhile in US: "Senator Nada sues BMW for making it possible to order cars online, as he states to the press: "I think we should do it the way it always has been done, nobody likes change, why change something that works fine by me and gives me 5000 USD in sponsoring every year? I tried to change my wife to a far newer and well equipped model, but she gave me the same speech I give you now!""
  6. Al Sherman

    Al Sherman It's about THIS car.

    Nov 29, 2012
    Batesville, IN
    If I wasn't a combat veteran, I would list buying a new car at the top of the most traumatic experiences of my life. One of the many huge reasons I love Tesla.
  7. kjl

    kjl Member

    Jun 4, 2013
    SF Bay Area
    My last car was 13 years old and about to die. I needed a new car, and I even had one picked out. I wanted a Honda Element. I went on the website, designed my car, and had the cash to buy it that day.

    And the thought of going to a dealer and haggling and having extra items added onto the paperwork and trying not to get totally ****ed was so unappealing that I procrastinated. I procrastinated for about 3 years. Then the Tesla came out and I poked the "check out with PayPal" button and then I had a new car.

    So yeah, I'd say that going to a dealership was worth about minus $40,000 to me.

    p.s. I listened to that This American Life episode awhile back and it was brutal. So much stress; I don't know how people can live like that. Glengarry Glenross maybe not as much of an exaggeration as I thought it was...

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