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Question about 5mm spacers on my 22in Vossen rims

Hey everyone I have a question regarding tires for my Vossen rims with 5mm spacers.


Currently I have Vossen VFS2 22x9 (5x120 +30) Front and 22x10.5 (5x120 +38) Rear.

For about a year I have had Nexen N5000 Plus tires, which I have been happy with, but the problem is the fronts are 245/30/22. These front tires are under the factory load rating and I found out can be dangerous to drive on. The person I bought the rims from said most people uses this tire size, since 255/30/22 rub when full tilt reversing. Well my 245/30/22 rub at full tilt reversing, so I don't know why I was recommended this. The rear tires are in spec and don't rub at all, even lowered on the lowest setting with UP Brackets.

Suspension Mods:
Lowered on UP Brackets FYI. Not sure if that matters

Here are the spacers I am looking to buy, unless someone knows of some better ones.
5MM TESLA MODEL S (2012-2019) WHEEL SPACERS 5X120 CB 64.1. | eBay

  1. I want to change my tires to the Continental DWS06 tires 255/30/22 in the fronts and 295/30/22 in the rears. Has anyone ran these tires on this type of set up?
  2. Continental DWS06 tires are my only real choice, as I want all-season. Has anyone used these tires before? Experiences?
  3. If I get 5mm spacers. Will this help with the rubbing or make it go away when reversing at full tilt?
  4. Has anyone done this before with the same set up? I really think it will work, but I wanted to feel it out with you all first.
What I want to achieve:
  1. No rubbing with 255/30/22 in the front
  2. Making the front rims more flush, without rubbing.
The 5mm spacers I think will stop the rubbing from the wider 255 tires and slightly making the front rims flush. Also slightly better rim protection, as the 245 look stretched.

Thank you in advance for your help!! Here are what the rims currently look like on my P85D. *Not the best pics*


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Nov 3, 2016
@CJ P85D From what I've read about spacers in general, its not a good idea to have spacers on any car - they compromise your safety, can introduce wheel shake at certain speeds etc. Have you run spacers before on any other car?

Especially considering how heavy the Model S, the bolts (if using the OEM ones as opposed to the ones on the spacer) will be shorter now and if using bolts on the spacer itself, they won't be any where close to the OEM bolts in strength/durability etc.

Since you're only experiencing rubbing at full lock on reverse, why is that a big issue? How often and how long (distance) do you reverse at full lock? I would guess very little.

Car and shots look fantastic - I love the pink/peach color tones from the sunset.
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Dec 26, 2018
So, I have 22" Vossen wheels in the exact same size and spec as you. I am also using the Unplugged brackets. I also have the same tires as you.

The outer diameter and width of the 245/30/22 tire is exactly the same as the OD and W of the factory 245/35/21 tire. So, you were advised correctly - you shouldn't have any rubbing with that specific setup.

I don't have any rubbing whatsoever, in any steering position, unless I'm going up a steep incline at an angle that puts a lot of "flex" on the suspension (which should be expected). Clearance is very small, but it doesn't rub.

There are no safety concerns with using high quality hubcentric spacers, but If you're rubbing on the front of the fender liner, Spacers will make your rubbing worse. They increase the distance between the hub and the outer edge of the wheel/tire, so your "swing" is wider, meaning you'll just have 5mm more contact with the fender liner.

You may be able to eliminate your rub by having your caster adjusted back in an alignment. That seems to be the biggest cause of rubbing in the front. You could also get a dremmel and shave down the little fins on the plastic fender liner - that's what catches on the tire tread in reverse and causes that horrid noise.

Regarding the Load Index:

Vossen themselves recommend a 245/30/22 on the Model S. Almost every S owner running 22x9's uses that tire size. The Load rating of a good 245/30/22 is a 92Y. The load rating of the rear 22" tire is a 97Y. The weight capacity is below:

F: 92 = 1,389 lbs x 2 = 2778 lbs
R: 97 = 1,609 lbs x 2 = 3218 lbs

Total: 5996 lbs

The Model S weighs 4900 Lbs. So, with the 245/30's, you're still well within the capacity of the tires to carry you and a full load of passengers and luggage. Discount Tire and places like that will strictly adhere to the OEM tire rating for big chain liability reasons, but you're not being unsafe by using a slimmer tire that still has ~20% extra load capacity.

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