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Question about AutoPilot/AutoSpeed Control

I just recently got my Tesla (Wooot!)

I obviously tested out Autopilot the second I was comfortable behind the wheel and in the car.

I had a question hopefully someone can help with (or perhaps I need to just try it more often):

If going at a speed (lets say 100km/h) and I engage either autopilot or speed control, it engages just fine and holds the speed at the appropriate level. If I need to brake, speed up, slow down or cancel, it does that just fine as well.

However: If i want to re-engage (and lets say I'm now driving at 110km/h and want to engage at that level), it always drops back to 100km/h (the initial speed setting). Is there any way to clear out the memory of the previous speed setting and have it only accept the new setting? I know I can use the handle to move the set speed up or down, I just like being able to set my speed according to what I want at the time versus what I set maybe 10 min ago.