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Question about Bioweapon Defense Mode and an Interesting Article

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I found this interesting article (from 2016) on the Tesla blog about Bioweapon Defense Mode and it's very impressive: https://www.tesla.com/en_CA/blog/pu...ioweapon-defense-mode-to-the-test?redirect=no

This has me wondering...Does the HEPA filter do anything when using the regular climate control modes or is it only used in Bioweapon Defense Mode? I guess there is a secondary filtration system with an activated carbon filter which is used all the time, but it would be nice to use the HEPA filter once allergy season starts without having to blast the air at full power the whole time.

Thanks for your help,

Thanks for sharing your experience, @Tam. I've only had my car since the beginning of October and we don't get too many skunks or fertilized fields at this time of year for me to test the difference. I did drive by a road-tarring truck in a slow construction zone once and Bioweapon Defense Mode worked extremely well in that situation. It would be nice to know if the HEPA filter was used, at least partially, while in the normal modes to filter out some of the highway pollution and allergens....or to what extent the secondary filtration system performs this task as compared to an average car.