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Question about P90D with Hardware 2.0

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Hi Team,

I had a p100d that I had a sell a year ago and now I am looking to get back into another X.
I may have found a unicorn. A 2016 Model X p90D with hardware 2.0 as it has all the cameras and everything.
My understanding was that p90d did not have HW2 as starting Oct 2016 they were producing p100d in with upgraded system.
I would like to eventually upgrade to FSD if it's possible, but what confuses me is that its showing "highway autopilot" which is present only on first hardware

So, excuse my lack on knowledge, but I guess my question is : has anybody heard about Model X p90D with FSD?
My unicorn is closest to yours (90D made in December 2016) and it has AP 2.0. For the P models, I believe there was a period where you could elect to buy the P90D or pay more money for the "range upgrade" to a P100D. It was a very brief time until most of the 90 kwh packs were gone.

It is possible to have a late 2016 AP 2.0 hardware Tesla but the AP software is locked to "highway autopilot". It was only possible for the select few owners who ordered before October 2016 only paying for "Autopilot w/ Convenience Features" AND took delivery after Octoboer 2016 when AP HW 2.0 was being produced AND the owner refused to upgrade to EAP or FSD AND the car stayed in private party and never went back to Tesla. For any HW 2.0 or newer car, if a resell transaction went through Tesla, they would likely change it to add FSD.
Does a P90D with AP2 exist - yes there are a few around.
Would anyone recommend buying a P90D - No unless the price is stupid cheap.
The reason is the 90kWh battery packs had a HUGE issue with battery degradation much faster than the 75kWh and the 100kWh packs. Search the forums there are thousands of posts on the issue.
I'd hold off on an old body style Model X for a few more months. With the new body style dropping in a few months, the current (soon to be old) style will drop in price and you can pick up a P100D cheaper.
Any car with AP2 hardware can be upgraded for a cost (assuming the car doesn't already have FSD purchased) to get HW3 and MCU2.
That P90D will have transferrable unlimited supercharging, but there are some P100Ds around that also do (mine).