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Question about Tesla Wall Connector

Hi everyone, I've purchased a 2nd hand Model S. Just waiting to take delivery later this month. Exciting times!

Tesla Japan quoted me a rough ballpark estimate to install the Wall Connector for about 30,0000 to 40,0000yen which I thought was pretty ridiculous and put me on the search for cheaper options.

My first question is, how much did it cost you to have the wall connector installed at your house? I own my own place, so there's no issue with having permission to get one installed, I just found the estimate to be ridiculously high and wanted to get an idea of other peoples experiences.

My current plan is to have a local electrician come round to give me a quote for installation. I've already given him the installation pdf for the Gen 2 Wall Connector, so he appears to be happy to continue with visiting my property and giving me a quote. My plan right now is to purchase a Gen 2 or Gen 3 Wall Connector in the US (Which I've been told are compatible with Japan and Taiwan) and have it shipped over here for the electrician to install.

So my 2nd question is, has anyone done something similar for their wall connector installations?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Wow, that installation cost seems too expensive. What kind of home do you have in Japan? Is it a house or a condo? If it's a condo, what kind of parking space? Is that open-air, in the building, or a machine/mechanical parking? If you need to drill a hole in concrete structures that would cost a lot.

For regular homes with open-air parking, the cost would be 50,000 - 100,000 yen.

You can purchase a Wall Connector from Japan with a warranty. That would be better than you taking the risk and importing it from the U.S. The price is between 60,000-70,000 JPY.

If you are not happy with the electrician quote, I can ask for some help in the Tesla Owners Club Japan community as I'm sure there are many owners living in Sendai area. They can surely recommend one or two electricians they have used.
Hi Hiroshiy, thanks for the reply.

My Japanese isn't very good, so I think I just had a miscommunication with my salesman at Tesla.

So I found out that they're including the wall connector for free (I believe... :rolleyes:) with my 2nd hand Model S but I will have to pay for the full price of installation. (As a bonus, the CHAdeMO adapter comes as standard with the Model S, so I have one of those too.)

I have an electrician based in Miyagi coming to my home (I live in a detached house) and my Tesla salesman said one of their recommended electricians would be contacting me soon (Though I believe they are based in Yamagata and Koriyama...). So I plan to get two quotes and go for whoever is cheapest. My driveway is open-air but I have a carport built over it.

I don't really have a wall for the Tesla charger to attach to. Around my driveway is a wired fence, so I'm wondering if I will have to buy a stand for the wall connector.

Thank you very much for offering to speak to the Japanese community but I think, for now, I should be ok. :) I'll update on my progress in case it benefits anyone else in the future.
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Just an update.

My wall charger was delivered to my home yesterday. I got the Gen 3 wall connecter (Long Cable) version. I'm 99.9% sure it's free as I'm not seeing the cost of it on my final invoice.

It might just be my low level Japanese, but there was no clear indication that I was getting a wall connector included with my 2nd hand Model S purchase and I had no idea it would be delivered to me, before the purchase of the car. Note: Tesla sent me the wall connector before I have paid the full amount for the car. (Thank you for trusting me Tesla Japan.) :D

A few weeks back, my Tesla salesman asked me to complete an online form, basically asking what charging option I wanted for the car. (Though at that time I had no indication that this was going to be included free with the car.) The choices were a wall connector, CHAdeMO adapter (Which are included for free with the Model S and Model X anyways), or a mobile charger.

Shortly after I completed the online form indicating I wanted the wall connector and not the mobile charger, I got an e-mail from Teslas affiliated electrician in my area and was quoted basically 200,000yen for the installation of the charger. It's pretty high, but I think my car parking situation at my house would require either a small concrete wall to be built to replace part of the fence so that the wall connector has something solid to be screwed into and also the cabling required to connect the wall connector to my house fuse box. Finally, I should note that Tesla no longer pays the first 100,000yen for the cost of installation, so that's a bummer.

I'm going to get another quote from a different electrician and go with whoever is cheapest.
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@Aganan, thanks for the update. I think you can attach the wall connector to the fence if it is sturdy enough. You can DM me the itemized quote to check what part of the quote is costly. Usually, with a detached house and close-by parking space, it would cost 50,000 JPY to 150,000 JPY. You could also attach the charger to your carport legs (poles), I think.