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Question about the 2 Yr Free SC

Hey there,

So here's some backstory- I ordered a P3D on 8/23. Waited weeks for any kind of follow up and didn't hear about any progress updates on my order. I work across the street from a Sales Center and dropped in every now and then to talk to my sales associate about any updates. As it got closer to the end of September, I started hearing the news about Tesla offering two free upgrades and 2 years of free supercharging, as long as the customer can take delivery before the end of September. I even heard this directly from my sales associate.

So a few days later, I dropped in for a check-up on local inventory that may not be showing up on the customer-facing website. Luckily, they found a P3D- (19" wheels) within 200 miles that I was instantly matched to (which was the configuration I actually wanted to begin with!). So I'm feeling lucky and the extra perks of taking delivery before end of quarter were just a bonus. However, one of the managers then comes up to me and says they are no longer offering the 2 free upgrades for the P3D- since "it is already a great deal to begin with". Okay, fair enough. I still saved a chunk of change for an awesome car. But they said I can still get the 2 years of free supercharging.

Fast forward to today, I've taken delivery 2 weeks ago before the end of September, and I drop in the SC once again just to ensure that the SC credit will be added. The same manager tells me new information that the promotion was only for cars ordered on/after September 13th. Now I don't plan on using the SC very often but it is a nice convenience when I do have to, and 2 years is quite a long time, not to mention it's my excuse to take more road trips. I'm pretty upset that the information I've been given has been twisted and turned. I'm considering contacting Tesla directly and seeing what they can do, but I was curious if anyone else had any similar experiences?
I don't blame you for being upset for being told one thing only to have it not turn out to be true... at the end of the day though even if you have to pay for the superchargers, its still much cheaper than gas would be. ...trying to find the silver lining I guess.
I took delivery 4 days before they announced the supercharging incentive. I reached out to my advisor and he said he’d look into it. He got back to me and said he put in a request for my account and to cross my fingers. A few days later he got back to me and said everything looks good and it should be applied to my account in October. He stated that he was told they’d extend it to anyone that took delivery within 1 week of when they started the offer.

Fast forward to today- it’s not applied to my account. However, I have heard a few people say they got it today that didn’t have it yesterday (when it started showing for some people) so I’m still hopeful it’ll be rolled out every day with more people. If not I’m going to be very bummed. I also took delivery of a p3d- (matched that day and took delivery 7 days later).
Tesla was never offering “2 free upgrades”. That was a dysfunctional sales team misinterpreting some guidance from the executive team.

Had you told your rep you wanted a white car with 18” wheels and they only had cars in blue with 19” wheels, they had the option to offer that car to you and waive the 2 upgrades if you could take delivery before the end of the quarter. However, each of those deals had to be approved by management and it depended on how much inventory they had and how likely they were to sell the car at full price before EOQ.

As for the 2 year free supercharging, they are generally not flexible with those programs if you don’t meet their strict criteria. People who have complained up the chain have generally not been successful, although you can certainly give it a try. It’s best to get everything in writing in the purchase agreement if you want to be sure you get the supercharger promotions. Verbal conversations with the sales team mean nothing, nor do emails or texts.