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QUESTION (...almost off-topic ?)

Hey Roadstariers,

starting the general PEM overhauling of an import-Roady from Norway I found this:

now QUESTION: Is this an illegal immegrant (...Norway is NOT part of the EU) ?


p.s. as the Italians have their "Ötzi" (iceman) from the glacier, we named it "Fjordi"
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No, actually quite ON-topic... The second question is how did he/she get in there? Assuming that the plastic part was properly connected to the PEM, I would inspect the rest of the ducting for any added "ventilation holes", since I don't expect there is enough space for it to get around the blades in the blower.

To your first question, I would recommend immediate deportation back to its home country. Definitely an unwanted intruder.
OK, we had a funeral yesterday (dust-bin...) :D

Look at the state the vehicle was when it came to me:


this is a 2010 european 2.5 with almost 90k miles on the odo (!), probably never ever washed before...

The PEM-fans housing on the right side was missing the top-cover and the blower that side lost most of the blades (pics to follow) - that was most probably the entrance.

Checkout the motor-cooling:


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