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Question for M3 Owners Odds and Ends

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Hey all!

I'm a reservation holder and currently waiting on the AWD version.
I wanted to ask current owners or people with more knowledge of the car than me a few quick questions:

1) Have you had any problems so far on road trips with sun glare on the central screen during your road trips? Is/can this problem be solved with either window tinting?

2) We have been shown that along the bottom of the car there is a vent that closes and opens, it was my understanding that this helps control airflow to cool the batteries. I can see rocks and road debris kicking up into this area. Is there a way to empty it or vent it? Does it open up anywhere else on the car?

Thanks and feel free to ask sideways questions that I may not have thought of!
I don't have my 3 yet, so I can't say how much these will help, but I bought a couple matte screen protectors from Abstract Ocean for $20.99 shipped. (I think a single one was $5 less.)

Generally speaking, a matte screen protector is the first thing I pick up for any phone or tablet I buy, so having one for my 3 made sense to me. I prefer matte screens for anti-glare reasons.
Thanks Dave,

Yea I've seen a few screen protectors start popping up on Amazon. I think they will get better when the car is out longer. One I was looking at the complaint from a buyer was that the protector did not actually fit the dimensions of the screen. I guess we will wait and see.
Screen glare is rarely an issue and I normally gripe about that a lot. I've had one angle where it was super annoying for a few minutes, I will admit, but haven't come across it since. Seems much better than Model S in that regard, because I used to get morning sun through the rear window of the S hitting the screen and blinding me, to the extent that I kept a towel for draping over the screen for a few minutes each morning during the winter. Admittedly this was in the summer so it may yet come to pass with the 3, but I think the fact that the 3's screen isn't angled slightly towards the driver will save me.
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Glare issues happen on the screen when the sun is low in the sky and coming through the rear side windows. It can be very bright and distracting.

I tried a matte screen protector from abstract ocean, but that just made it harder to read. (So no blinding glare, but can't read screen either). So I am back to stock for now.

Depending on the direction and time of your commute, it may or may not be an issue.
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