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Question for Michigan Model S owners


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Aug 24, 2012
Park City, Utah
I live in California and my father lives outside of Detroit. He loves my Model S but is afraid to buy one until Telsa puts a service center within easy driving distance. Given the footprint of GM/Ford/Chrysler around Detroit, it may take longer for Tesla to achieve critical mass (and a service center) in Southern Michigan.

Years ago my father owned a Citroen with no authorized repair center anywhere nearby and regretted it. So on his behalf I am asking if any of you in Michigan have regrets due to service center distance.
Although I'm not an owner, the lack of a service center was a legitimate concern of mine as well. The good news is Tesla appears to be making inroads into the Detroit market. Tesla has announced plans to open a service center soon, although the exact location and timetable is unknown. This weekend also marks the first local test drive event that I'm aware of. Along with the large number of Superchargers planned to open this fall and over the next year, it's clear Tesla expects Michigan to be an emerging market. I would not hesitate to order a Model S if it was in the budget.
Multiple Tesla representatives confirmed there will be a service center in Metro-Detroit within 6 months (by the end of 2013). In the interim, the Columbus, Ohio service center does a great job servicing Michigan.
@ WSE51

Please see the threads below for all information on Tesla in Michigan. If your father is free, then he can attend our event this Saturday. We would love to have him as a member and can answer all the questions he may have related to Michigan. I only bought the car after these concerns were addressed. Thanks michiganmodels and timf for providing information.

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I am an Ohio Tesla S owner. I was in the Columbus Service Center on Tuesday and saw 2 Service Managers in training - 1 for Cinci and 1 for Detroit area. They didn't give me location details but they have a Detroit Service Mgr and tech training in Columbus. So I would imagine it's getting close for MI to get a Service Center open. The Mgr did tell me that he and his tech will be starting to do all the MI servicing from the Columbus location so if anyone has a service need you should get to meet/talk with the folks that will eventually be up in MI. Just thought you might like this update since I didn't see anything posted recently. FYI, the Columbus Service Center is moving from the Dublin location to Easton Town Center about 15 or so miles south east from the current location. Easton Town Center is the big mall creation of Les Wexner of Limited Brand fame. Close to Port Columbus International Airport. Just in case anyone has to make the trip down here. The move is supposed to occur this week before Thanksgiving.

Thank you for the tip. We saw the job posting on Tesla website and SC page, however no specifics. One of the owners just spoke with the service manager. We still have no idea about the location though. I have a minor service need for paint job. Will sure chat with them.