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Question for NJ Solar Generators

I got my TREC Cert and was registering with gats.pjm-eis.com

One question was Meter Information. They need a Meter Name, Initial Meter Read (kWh) and I will be adding the production each month or period.

Question is they DO NOT need the Utility Meter info as that is the grid usage and excess.

Can we use the Solar Edge site - info and give that.

or have users in NJ installed another way to read it.

Please advise
How did you get Tesla to agree to this, they are giving me a such a hard time agreeing to this. In addition have you figured out how to submit your meter info?

I had in my original order that I am not assigning my TRECs to Tesla. I did all the process of initial in March 2021. I am already being paid, they already cut me two checks, 1x for March and 1x for April, 2021.

The process is 8 weeks behind always. So next month I will get for May 2021.