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Question from soon-to-be new owner:

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Hello everyone. First, thanks for the great info contained in these threads. I've spent hours and hours perusing countless threads on all sorts of subjects. Now, I know typically online forums (for cars) tend to be about features, fixes, problems and issues. AND usually tend a little to the negative- as a forum provides like-minded people a chance to discover similar issues and solutions for their vehicles.

My question- has anyone purchased a Model X and had ZERO issues with it after, say, 6 months of typical driving? This is not meant to be sarcastic but sincere. I have seen a few mentions here and there from some posters that elude to this possibility. But I'm curious if some members of this forum can report their vehicles function flawlessly (at least as well as they had hoped-with no issues requiring repair).

Thanks in advance for any input I may receive!!! And thanks for the great info you folks provide!
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I think it depends on expectations as well as there are a ton of parts. Some people consider a rattle of a seat an issue, etc. A new X hopefully has very little major issues as designs and parts have been through many iterations now. Many spots where an issue may arise may be easy fix like seals, either way Tesla seems to make things right for all of us. Some issues like acceleration shutter we all have and there is not fix, but live with it on high punches.

I feel overall pretty lucky with our X. On delivery it had to have the back hatch realigned (fully disassembled and reassembled for that), the driver seat moved an inch or so on accelerating/stopping, totally loose so required new rails and fixed, some seals had to be replaced, etc. All within the first few months or so but since then everything has been overall fine. Only complaint is 90D battery seems like sucky with degradation.

Hard to tell the future but a new X should be better, if it got built well to specs. Hehehe, reading this site will tend to worry ya more than necessary.
In 14 months, I had zero issues in terms of functionality and reliability. The car has worked flawlessly. This said, my windshield did develop a small crack and was replaced under warranty. And one windshield wiper was not bolted on to torque and it loosened at an inopportune moment.

I would be 100% happy with my experience except for the fact that when I did take it to service for the windshield wiper, a tech backed the car into a wall, which lead to major body work, loaners, and lots of wasted time. But that was a case of human error and bad luck, not about the car built quality and reliability.

Based on my experience at least, I would buy a MX again without hesitation. Fit and finish were good. Falcon doors were aligned and have worked flawlessly. Self-presenting doors are on and always work, and always avoid hitting stuff.
How much degradation have you experienced? At 14 months/11k miles a full charge reads 250 mi on mine.

That's pretty good. I'm at a 100% of about 246 last time I checked. Not horrible and expected some loss anyway. In general the 90D just feels like a mis-advertisement (with like 86kWh available) to me somewhat compared to the more accurate 100D.

Love the X though still, plan on keeping it quite a while!
Thank you folks!!! Great info. @polymathic...ouch! Sorry to hear that. @MasterT -probably true. Most folks join a forum to find a solution or see if everyone else is having the same issues. @outie- great question. Primarily asking about issues that most would consider "broken" requiring Ranger service or repair. I am in Alabama an deciding on a ModelX (my first Tesla) was really tough. Mainly because of the HUGE distance from nearest SC. But I'm taking a chance because these cars seem very safe, I believe in the electric car revolution (is that a thing???). Hope it goes well - for all of us...
I got my car in 9/2016. Besides the Falcon wing door failing right @ delivery center, delaying ownership by few days, my car was fine for the following 6 months. I didn't go in service center until 5k miles/6 months to get all the issues addressed. Unfortunately the issue the prompted the service visit was also the issue that prompted a re-purchase of my car, after 6 service visits and 15k miles later.
probably no such thing, just saying...everybody has a caveat, and this shouldn't be the case.

nothing like my Lexus cars. :( i will go back to them as soon as they offer an electric alternative or Porsche for the Mission E.

i'm just stuck with "the best EV that's available" for now, but if the next redesign doesn't address the build quality then i will move to another brand after my lease is up...

EDIT: *I don't want to sound so super down in the dumps and negative, so i should also say the latest VIN's in the 70K-80K's for the Model X's have been worlds better! I would like to hear from an owner though not just my driving experiences from loaner cars*
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Model X delivered March 2017.

Only 4 problems developed later in year
1. Passenger front window when going up made a thump noise
2. Driver side rear falcon wing made a creaky sound going up
3. Driver side rear falcon wing rubbing against the inside wheel arc
First 3 were all fixed within a week in November at the service center. Took longer because they had to paint the nickel size rub mark on item #3.

4. Driver side wiper got stuck going up - Had to be re-tensioned - 5 minute fix at service center in June

The vehicle operated great. Not quite the zero defects in your question but very minor stuff that didn't cause any stress.
My 90D has had only one actual issue, the rear window defogger not being connected during manufacture. The other things were all minor cosmetic things I had them rectify since I was at the service center anyway for the defogger. It's a 90D and at 10 months and 8k miles shows 259 miles at a full charge.
First MX (8months), only a FWD window seal misaligned, did not leak, never bothered to fix, sold in order to get AP2
Second MX-PUP (14months), front door closing issues twice, but latches were replaced while I got to drive an MS. Also rear cup holder stuck open, replaced at same time as latches.

Overall, very happy with these few issues
Zero at 3 months and beyond.......now 17k+ miles........

A squeaky spoiler upon retraction and a pinched A/C tube, both noticed shortly after delivery which were fixed at my immediate convenience, and one recall for a seat latch or seat belt or seat something.
Until a few weeks ago, I had 0 issues (first 3 months of owning the car).

A couple of weeks ago one of my 2nd row seats stopped sliding back/forth (to allow entry to the 3rd row). I have the 7 seater.

I haven't taken this in yet but probably will in a few weeks or so.
Thanks again folks- really appreciate the information you have shared. @GayForEllon- noted on the stats and agreed, not sure this represents the real world experience with owning an X! But I do find folks that join a forum tend to be really into their vehicles (or really pissed at them). I expect many issues with mine- hopefully nothing major. But I want to support the company and help push EVs forward- we have to do something, and I want to be an early adopter (yep, I know I am in no way among the "earliest" to the Tesla party). But all of us that have bought an EV from any manufacturer are still in the VAST minority and are helping fund the evolution of the segment. Cheers to all you guys and THANKS AGAIN for replying to my post...