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Questions About Model X Frunk and Lower-Trunk Floor Mats

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  1. I will soon be receiving a new 2021 ("M" in VIN) Model X. It has 5-seats. It is not a refresh car.

  2. I would guess that it was built in Fremont, California sometime after September 2020, so I assume that for many/most/all features it will be similar to or the same as a late-2020 car, correct?

  3. Is the shape and size of the floor of the frunk the same in all Model X years (2016-2021)?

    I want to purchase a protective mat to fit the floor of the frunk, but I am seeing contradictory compatibility information in various online ads.

  4. Likewise, for the floor of the lower rear-trunk compartment. Does it vary in size and shape among years (2016-2021)?

  5. And is there even another lower compartment underneath the trunk in the 5-seater, just behind the second row of passenger seats?

    If so, I'll want to get a mat for that, as well. (Loading a Model X trunk is going to be like three-dimensional Tetris.)
Any product recommendation would be appreciated.

Model X 5-seater Trunk Tetris
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