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Quick Mount for Valentine V1gen2 in 2020 Model 3

Here is a better photo of the Quick Mount, which has been working very well in my Model 3.
QuickMount Photo.jpg

A revised version of the story, mostly minor edits, is just about ready to post and I would appreciate any comments, corrections, questions, etc. that might be incorporated. Thanks
A story about how to install a V1G2 in a 2020 Tesla Model 3, revised since last shown in this thread, has been posted in:
and also attached here.

Here is the conclusion:
"Hard-wiring an RD in a 2020 Tesla Model 3 is more challenging than with most ICE cars, but is feasible. Building on much-appreciated pioneering work of others as cited, several concepts, intended as prototypes for others to also build or manufacture, are described in the following main Sections of the paper:
  • 1.0 A method to decide where to mount the RD, which led to near the rear-view mirror being best.
  • 2.0 A novel QUICKMOUNT, which makes it very easy to remove/replace the RD with one hand and offers many other advantages. An under-mirror version was built while a windshield version was proposed.
  • 3.0 Two methods to connect 12-Volt power were implemented. Constant 12 Volts, which never shuts off, is easily available very close to the mirror. A “switched” 12-Volt source from the console 12-Volt outlet involves more installation work and stays on when the car is awake and for an hour after leaving the car. It was also used to power a USB-C wireless articulated cell phone holder and BEAMER, so was left in even though not needed with BEAMUP.
  • 4.0 A novel BEAMUP system uses only constant 12 Volts for RD power, while wirelessly and immediately turning off the RD when a cell phone is removed from its holder, as communicated via a laser beam.
Depending on individual needs and preferences, some or all of these concepts can be used. The QUICKMOUNT and BEAMUP were designed, implemented, demonstrated, aligned, and have been working well. The mount is solid, with no rattles, and the connections are robust. Questions as well as comments or other feedback, including alternatives that improve performance or simplify implementation, are welcome. Comments can be posted in Ref. 1. or sent privately via email."


  • V1QuickMountBEAMUPstory2021Jun2.pdf
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