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Quick Question about CeramicPro Installation

After buying/receiving my new S-75D I had it immediately fully wrapped with Xpel Ultimate and am now planning given the reading I've done here of doing a CeramicPro coating on top of that for the extra protection/easy washing benefits. Regarding the wheels, the installer said there were two options available to me. If I understood correctly one was to just do the outside of the wheels without removing them while the other included all of that plus removing the wheels to get to other areas including the outside of the calipers. I think the extra charge was a couple hundred dollars. He seemed to think that option might be a bit of needless overkill. Is there an advantage to doing this of which I'm unaware? Thanks!
What other areas are worth covering besides the calipers? I'm not even sure the wheels are worth it. I had full Suntek and coating, but I think wheels at all are even overkill. I clean them off when I get home to stop any corrosion, and that's it.

If you had the P calipers, perhaps you want to have them treated. But anything 'on the road' is going to get dinged up. Unless money is no object. :D
As soon as the weather gets better here, I am absolutely going to ceramic coat every surface of my wheels. I have the 19s and that groove in the barrel just be it the spokes is a bear to clean. Ceramic coating it will make cleaning easier. (I will do this myself just like I coated the rest of the car)