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This all occurred late July. Thought I'd share my experience after getting my CPO MS60.

I live in Vegas, and found a 60 for $39.8K out of LA with ~90K miles. It's equipped with the sound upgrade (which I can differentiate the quality between the Ultra and standard options; there's definitely more umph and the quality of sound is retained/enhanced at higher volumes) and a sunroof.

Spoke to my CPO agent, who sent me descent pics of the car. The problems it had initially were curb rash on the tires (original), and the day before I picked up, a cracked screen on the MCU. I was assured that it was going to be replaced under warranty.

I drove out to Palm Springs, where they moved the car, and inspected the car and took delivery. At the time, I was able to avoid the hefty $2,500 delivery fee to my service center in Vegas. As expected, there was the cracked screen, and the curb rash was fairly severe on all four tires.

I took delivery of my car and decided to stay the day in CA. The next day, on my way back to Vegas, right after charging the car and getting on the freeway, the car went into a shutdown protocol because something was wrong with the battery. tl;dr I got the battery replaced with a brand new 60 battery for free thanks to the 8yr/unlimited mile warranty on the batt and dt. At the same time, they went ahead and swapped out that MCU for a brand new G2 version, albeit still equipped with 3G.

About a month out (present day), back in Vegas, I took my 60 to the Service Center here to get a few things checked out. With the recent update the IC has been acting up and rebooting, so I brought up my concern for this appointment. Another problem was the brake pedal squeaking when pressed. Lastly, the sunroof was no longer opening past vent (12%).

I had to take back the car at the end of the day, regardless of progress completed, but the Service Center here did an amazing job on the maintenance.

They completely swapped out my brake calipers, and the squeaky sounds are now gone. They swapped out lug nuts (I had a flat so they had to replace the tire and discovered stripped lug nuts.) The sunroof had something in the motors that was preventing it from opening, but they provided a temporary fix for it. They weren't able to get to the IC.

Next appointment, they'll be completely replacing the motors for the sunroof. They going to replace the IC for free with a G2 IC. I'll also have them take a look at the drive train (after taking out a loaner 60, the drive train on that seemed much quieter than mine.) Hopefully they may find to replace the driver train in that with a brand new one.

All in all, the point I'm trying to get through here is that although in the first month of owning the car, it has been quite the hassle to run into all these problems with the CPO, but I was somewhat expecting the worst with a car with 90k miles. (The car fax had no logs of any accidents or faults with the vehicle) However, at this point, with all the replacements that are going into this car, it practically feels like I'm getting a brand new Tesla for $39.8k. Although I was completely disappointed with what I had to go through in the beginning, I find the Tesla Service Centers have been quite exceptional in the services they provide, despite the tremendous load they already have to deal with from numerous vehicles that enter their shop every day.

And those curb rashed tires? I'll probably replace them with the new 19" sometime in the near future.
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tl;dr if you have the patience and want to save, and if you have some sense of understanding and be totally considerate, I'd highly recommend picking up a CPO from Tesla. If you get lucky, or rather unlucky, you'll have to get most of your essential parts replaced and practically have a new Tesla.
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