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QuietTrack vs Avid Ascent GT vs PureContact LS tires, which is most efficient+quiet?

Great info, for all those reasons I'm planning to switch from Goodyear OEM's to the Pirelli's. I assume you got the discounted price due to reaching the wear line before 70k miles? Is that done through Discount Tire or Pirelli? Sorry for naive question, I've never owned a car before that eats up tires before warranty mileage.
Yes, I received a discount due to my car wearing thru them before I reached 70k miles. Was all done thru Discount Tire, but it is a manufacture's mileage warranty.
any updates on those that bought either the purecontact LS, quiettracks, or repeat of the mxm4s? looking for a quiet ride.

I'm still very happy with my 18" Quiettracks which may get quieter as tread diminishes. My snow tires are on now but i will do another decibel test in the spring.

Here's my original post from 7/23/19

I got the Bridgestone quiettrack turanzos 18" on Tsportline turbines last Friday. I bought a decibel meter. I was getting 71db at 70 mph on smooth Interstate with MXM4s down to the treadwear indicators. I get 69 db with brand new Quiet tracks at 70 mph on same stretch if Interstate at 70 mph. Overall, im happy with these. I assume they use more energy as they have lots of tread compared to the worn out MXM4s.


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Feb 28, 2015
Merced, CA
I've been considering these but decided to subject my new Prius to them first. My Prius came with Ecopia EP422 Plus tires. Super loud rough asphalt. I replaced the stock tires at 2000 miles figuring they'd certainly be quieter. They are not. They are just as loud on the same roads at the same speeds measured with my ancient Radio Shack SPL meter on both A and C weightings.
any updates on those that bought either the purecontact LS, quiettracks, or repeat of the mxm4s? looking for a quiet ride.

I bought the PureContact LS and am very happy with them. Probably have 7-10k on them already. I used to use the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ and the PureContacts are comparable to the grip of the Michelin’s , they are quiet, and they are also more efficient. The Michelin’s burnt an extra 20-30Wh/mi imo.
I put a set of QuietTracks on the car today. I was considering the Michelins, Pirellis, Yokos and Contis and finally settled on the Bridgestones. My initial impression is very positive, they ride very smooth and they are by far the quietest tires I have ever had on any car. This is my fourth set of tires on this car and this includes 21" Contis, 21" Super Sports, 19" MXM's and now the QT's. I have a running total for energy usage, so I'll do some comparisons to see where the car settles for consumption with the new tires. I'm also departing on a 4,000 mile road trip, so I'l have some great data collection in the next couple of weeks. Based on the ride and noise, I'm looking forward to these tires.

It will also be very interesting to see how far they go before they need replacement, so far the longest I have got out of a set of tires was 22,000 on the Super Sports which was only cut short by uneven tread wear caused by an alignment problem that I didn't catch in time. Oops.

I purchased the QuietTracks at Wheel Works in Walnut Creek, Ca and they did a great job on the installation. They are very familiar with Teslas and know the routine with jack mode, torque and tire pressure specifications. They have done several rotations and tire repairs without selling me a single tire until now. Highly recommended.
Were some of the tires you are comparing to also acoustically treated or at least silent rated of some kind?
Were some of the tires you are comparing to also acoustically treated or at least silent rated of some kind?
No, all of my previous tires did not have the acoustic treatments that some of the OEM tires come with. New tires are usually quieter though, so some of the positive effects are undoubtedly due to the age of the tires. I’m still very happy with the quietracks.
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Mar 9, 2017
Placerville, CA
Had my quiettracks for about 2 months now - very happy overall and MUCH quieter than the michelins that were on the car. I did lose a bit of acceleration off the line, but I think that's because the upgrade from 18s to 19s, although it's possible that they are also less grippy.
Since you had 18" wheels I assume that you are driven a Model 3. I thought that the quiettracks are not available for the Model 3 yet. :confused:
i decided to go with the vredestein quatrac pro. it was tough between it and the conti contact ls. The LS has the 70,000 mile warranty on its side that was swaying me and the decent reviews and lrr. The quatrac ony has 40,000 mile warranty and lrr but it has the snowflake symbol so will work better into the snow season so i can leave the tires on longer till dead of winter so i dont wear my separate snows out with the warm climate here in colorado even in the winter.
Its a tough choice but the tirerack guy(porter) just tested the quatrac pro along with others and the LS and was really impressed and mentioned a fill 2 sec stopping over the others in all conditions.

here is a vid in another language raving about them.

Have you found the Vredestein to be a quiet tire like the Tirerack video claims? I have to look at the Quatrac 5 do to size that will be good for my car, not sure they are comparable in the noise area, my hot button, comfort and noise.
Its somewhat louder than the stock 18" tire that my car came with. But it has significantly better grip in wet. Hard to spin the tires with these, but was super easy with the stock tire.

Next tire replacement, I'll try a different brand.
Thank you, I had a feeling. The Vredestein Quatrac Pro seems to be highest rated for noise. The Quatrac 5 will fit my car, a call to Vredestein tomorrow, maybe more sizes are to come.

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