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RÖMER Kidfix in Model S

We are looking for a good carseat for our growing child. We like a lot German Romer brand, because of the quality. But now with the new Tesla Model S, I was wondering if anyone is using BRITAX RÖMER KIDFIX SL or KIDFIX XP (CAR SEATS | Britax Rmer Childcare) car seats? There is no Tesla on the compatibilit lists of those seats.

What makes me doubt is that a Google search returns this: Probleme mit Kindersitz Römer Kidfix XP Sict Freunde , but I am not really able to understand the problem that they are talking and whether it applies to any/one of those models.

Is anyone using these seats in their Model S? Any comments or suggestions?
The problem seems to be that the seat is a bit too wide. If you install it on the non-driver side (so you can see it as a driver), the seat covers the fixing point it is supposed to go into (although one comment says with some wiggling you can get it done after all). You can still plug it into the point of the center seat, but then noone can sit there. Sounds like borrow a seat somewhere and take it to a test drive to see if you can live with the inconvenience.

(no experience myself, just scanned the thread as a native German speaker)
Don't know about the SL or XP but we are very happy with the Britax/Roemer Duo Plus, the isofix system works fine in the car (have to push the leather a bit to the side but that loosens over time), advantage is that the seat can be taken out and placed in a car without isofix as wel (for instance when the kids are at grandma's).
Just to give an update... in hope that this helps someone.

I contacted Romer. They replied:
Thanks for your email. Sorry for our late answer.

At the moment your car model, the Tesla S, is not tested and approved for a usage of the Kidfix XP yet. As long as is not approved we can’t recommend the usage. We can’t say whether it is safe enough in this case.

I will give the car details of your car to our Technical department regarding a testing. But we can’t say how many time it will take and if we can find such a car.

Only the elder model Kidfix SICT was tested and approved for a usage on seat No 4, behind the co-driver.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Ulm / Best regards from Ulm

So in the end I bought Bébé Confort Rodifix (Bébé Confort Siège Auto Groupe 2/3 Rodifix Black Raven Collection 2015: Amazon.fr: Bébés Puériculture), which is the same model as Maxi-Cosi Rodifix. The quality is fine. I can confirm that it fits well in my Model S and you can buckle up the kid. If it were 5 cm wider, it could be a problem on the passenger side of the car, because the seat would cover up the buckle.
I have the kidfix in my Tesla since we had it since before we had a Tesla. Just use it with the seat belt instead of isofix. That setup passed the Euro NCAP test. Ohh and we have it in the front passenger seat and there's no isofix there anyway.
A forum member asked about the fit of the Bébé Confort Rodifix, and since it might be relevant for others, I post some photos here. I hope it helps others to choose.

This is how Bébé Confort Rodifix looks in the back seat of the car with standard leather seats. I keep a cut sleeping mat below it to protect the leather.

This is how the seat belt buckles look like when the seat is mounted on isofix. There is not a lot of space, but you can buckle up the kid with no problems.

The back is not flat to the seat, as it has two positions. Here is a more sloped position.

And a more upright.

And this is with the headreast in the lowest position.

And in the highest position.

I am also considering the MC Rodifix now for our 2014 models S (just bought it second hand, not delivered yet).
Currently my oldest son uses the older Rodi Airprotect and that one is ok, but we think that the "sleeping" recline function does not recline it that much. from the product video it looks like the new Rodifix can recline a bit more
Question for you that already use the Rodifix in the model S: Can the seat recline in sleepmode all the way, also when the headrest is set a bit high? The Tesla headrest (which is fixed) is not in the way? I really wish that the headrest where removable, but I guess Tesla have learned from that.
From the pictures above, do I see it correctly that there is a gap of open space between the child seat and the rearseat?
How do you like the seats in general in your model S?
Thanks in advance.
I recently fitted a Britax Römer KIDFIX XP SICT into my Model S. I found that it is extremely difficult to attach the seat belt, because the child seat almost obscures the seat belt latch. This is made worse because the seat belt latch is recessed into the car seat. I think this problem is common to many child seats, not just the Britax Römer KIDFIX types.
My solution has been to use a short seat belt extender, which is left attached in the car, with the child seat fitted. This would likely work with other wide child seats.
Here in the UK, there has been FUD on some sites, claiming that seat belt extenders are illegal - this is untrue. Across the EU, the law requires that seat belt components are fitted correctly and tested/approved - meaning that they must have an "E" mark. I found that seat belt extenders from Seat Belt Extenders Pro (Tesla Model S Seat Belt Extender) do have the required approval for use in the EU and elsewhere.


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