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Railroad to Tesla Giga Nevada

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As part of the 2021 Nevada State Rail Plan, a 2.5 mile spur line to Tesla Giga Nevada is proposed within a four year time horizon of the plan. The rail line would cost $5 Million to build. Per page 4-69 of the report, "The rail right-of-way for this connection (not shown) has already been set aside by the TRI General Improvement District and Tesla."

Rail spur map

The new rail line can support deliveries of raw materials. Page 4-11 states, " Demand for copper in vehicles is expected to increase by 1,700 kilotons by 2027. Tesla operates their “Gigafactory”, a lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle subassembly factory in Sparks. Nevada has the only mine producing lithium in the U.S., called the “Lithium Hub”, located near the Tesla Gigafactory facility. "

Finished goods to Fremont would benefit. Page 4-57 of the report states: "Tesla, for instance, ships an average of 52 truckloads of auto parts per night (round trip) from its Gigafactory in Innovation Park over the Donner Pass to its assembly plant in Fremont, CA. The Fremont facility already has adjacent rail, and a routing for a new 2.5-mile spur to connect the Gigafactory to rail has been identified. This one project would enable the elimination of 36,400 truck trips a year on I-80 through Sparks, Reno, and northern California. "

As a side note, the Appendix states Tesla owns a warehouse near the Giga Nevada factory on 1200 Venice Way, Sparks, NV.

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