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Rain Senseless Wipers

Do you have problems with the Rain Sense wipers

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Beta V

Author, Dad, Mentor, Technology Critic
Nov 8, 2017
Redmond, WA USA
I'm a computer/hardware geek. I wish I could see the code used to fire the windshield wipers in the rain. What's so frustrating is that they work flawlessly for days and then, nothing. My only choice is to manually trigger the wipers or switch to "low-speed" mode (which is too fast for most drizzly days).

Yes, it rains here in the Seattle area--sometimes a little, sometimes a lot so it's a great testbed for the wiper software. I've noticed that when there's an update, the wipers have stopped working so I tried a manual reboot but that does not always fix them.

Folks, Tesla needs to step up on this issue.
I tend to agree that they aren't great with mist. I also saw someone somewhere indicate that they seemed to stop working after updates until they were turned off and back on. I believe that person meant disabled and re-enabled in settings, but they could have mean at the stalk. To elaborate, in my experience, they have continued working after updates without me touching the settings, but I only turn them on at the stalk when I want them on. I will also say that I believe they have improved with updates since they were initially deployed, but I can't say that definitively since every weather event is somewhat unique. My frustration with the wipers is the same regardless of the rain-sensing capability, and that is that there simply aren't enough intermittent/sensitivity options on the stalk.
It seems to work good with it rains hard. Doesn't seem to work with misting like others said. I wish they would keep the two intermittent settings actually just timed intermittent instead of Auto. I guess I could just turn off Auto in the menu and they will go back to intermittent? Right now Auto just not working too well. It is more a chore to get it to work than a convenient feature.