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Raining inside my 2-week-old Model Y


Mar 1, 2020
Chicago, IL
I really didn't want to post this. I love the Model Y, it's a great car and I really love Tesla. However...

Caveat Emptor: My Model Y is leaking water through the headliner. Bring a bottle of water to delivery and test the seals on the roof of your model Y (around the edges of the glass roof).

Shared this video (see attached GIF) with Tesla >48 hours ago and am shocked they haven't jumped all over this...crickets so far. Thinking I will want to return the vehicle. This is an incredible miss by the delivery team. I have to imagine the glass roof has to be removed, seals replaced and that the headliner and some electronics will have to be replaced, too...but again, no response from Tesla yet.

Help me out here, Tesla, this thing cost me >$65k and can't be driven in the rain???

Stay tuned to see if Tesla does the right thing. Interested to hear what you all would do if your Model Y wasn't remotely waterproof...


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Jun 17, 2013
East Bay Area
I can't. it all looks fine... but since the interior leakage is so high up, I assume the faulty seal must also be very high...but how does this get missed in QC???

My model 3 (from July 2018) had a leaky trunk seal that was fixed by service within the first month of ownership. I haven’t had a problem since then but your leak is obviously different and much more concerning. I too would return it if you are still in the 7 day window. That being said, I’m still considering trading in for model Y...
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Jun 11, 2020
Los Angeles
This is certainly worse than panel gaps and paint issues. I ordered my Model Y 2 weeks ago but now fear that maybe it was the wrong move based on all the issues I'm hearing about. If Elon & Co can send men to the ISS successfully, the building of a car should be quite simply for him.


Aug 27, 2019
Thanks for the info, If you objectively look around forum and twitter posts,you can see this seems the new issue coming out of factory, glass panels. First is the misaligned panels and then the occasional leaks posts. My 2 cents is it has probably has to do with the reason the S and X delivery days are pushed back that far. They probably shifted staff to 3/Y production to get more out for Q2 sales #. As such this has increased the issues we see. Combined with lack of Q/C and the fix it later and here’s we are. Knowing this I would say return. I don’t like to have glass on a brand new vehicle, but here’s the kicker. Since you aceptes unit, if you return the van tell you you are locke out of getting same model for a year. Double screwed. Not to mention the wait for funds refund.
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Mar 4, 2020
Since it's a 2 week old vehicle, returning it won't be easy. I had a windshield seal leak in a new vehicle before. It's frustrating, but fixable. Make sure they remove the glass to seal it right. They might break the glass removing it, so be mentally prepared for that.

I doubt pouring a water bottle on a car before taking delivery will help. Looking at the clip above, I suspect the water leaked and pooled somewhere, then came down when the car moved (no water was hitting the roof during the clip).
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May 31, 2017
In before the my car doesn’t leak like that posts and a majority of the cars don’t have this problem.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Sealing glass at the factory is a robotic operation. If tesla is having glass sealing issues, then someone needs to be fired because that’s like dropping a ball covered with glue. It’s incompetence at the highest level and QC control at the lowest.

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