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Random Compliments...


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Jul 8, 2020
Not since I owned a Smart Roadster have I had so many positive comments from strangers about my car.

Yesterday in a car park an older lady came up to me and said "nice car it looks like a rocket ship" and we had a little chat about it. I didn't tell her it was an EV though. She had a look of shock on her face when I glided away. I think she was expecting a roar!
It still surprises me how many people don't seem to realise EV's exist ( all over the age of 30 of course. all teenagers know exactly what it is)
I have had a number of conversations along the lines of
What is that?
its a Tesla its an American Electric car
What just electric?
yes fully electric
so no engine?
nope just batteries
what no engine at all?

the novelty value is def wearing off though. in 2019 every teenager you passed pointed and shouted "TESLA" not so much anymore.
I had a conversion just last week with a chap, I was in the Leaf:
Me : him
So how far can it go? about 150 miles.
Oh, not bad... what if you want to go along way away? Well you use a Rapid charger?

What's a Rapid charger? (he says...)
I thought most nowadays new all about this, but obviously not.
Was pulling out of a car park the other day to have kids excitedly pointing and jumping up and down on seeing the car. I swear the Model 3 turns more heads than my XKR...

Also had a random conversation with someone who saw me plugging it in at home and wanted to know all about how owning an EV worked.
I volunteered to deliver hot meals to some of the less fortunate elderly people around my neck of the woods over xmas, one particular house I was delivering too wasn't showing up on the sat nav and I was struggling to find the house, so rang the old lady up who said she would get next doors kid to come out and flag me down. I turned the corner and this youngish bloke was in the middle of the road waving me down, I thought great I can just hand him over the meal box and on to the next house... after about 2 mins of confusion of me trying to hand him a hot meal, it turned out he was just some random bloke who had seen me driving up and down the street and had come out to chat to me about the car!!
Loads of kids wave at my M3P, even had a couple of urchins ring my front door to tell me they liked my car (which was a bit weird!) Driving through McDonalds I got a "nice car" from the server. Adults like to talk about range, kids just think its cool.
I am wondering what reaction I will get with less than 2 weeks to go, I used to get at least 2-3 comments a week on my last car pre-lockdown (a yellow bottom of the range Porsche Boxster) plus most kids turned and watched it drive past. Delivery driver used to comment all the time and take pictures when they thought no one was watching. I was tempted to get the Tesla wrapped in the same yellow but my wife over ruled me on that one. It's strange a yellow car draws so much attention given very few people would ever buy one themselves. I'm hoping the "rocket ship" will be equally if not more interesting, it would be terrible to be in a boring car!