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Random HPWC screw question


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Sep 22, 2019
SF Bay Area
So I just got the HPWC for my new car (Today's Roadster Orphan) which is also supposed to arrive today (yes, it's 10:30pm local time . . . CA traffic)

Anyone know the screw size for connecting the cable hanger to the bottom of the charger? It's not that easy to bring to the hardware store to try different sizes.

You can see the 6 holes in the pics, if I haven't described it well.
Do you have it pedestal mounted?

I found the manual for the charger, but only info on mounting to wall & electrical.

Does it originally come attached so end user doesn't need to know?


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After opening the door on the the front of the HPWC, I tried one of the Torx screws and it fit perfectly on the bottom screw holes!

Threads screw type is 8-32

I didn't realize the bottom panel of the HPWC was plastic that 25 ft cord seems like a lot of weight for 6 small screws?
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It's definitely a substantial amount of weight. There should be thin metal backing plates with pre-drilled holes on both inner bottom sides that the screws pass through before anchoring them to the nuts. If you don't have those, definitely reach out to Charlie to see if they can be ordered. However, you could easily fabricate some yourself in a pinch.
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