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Random ppl scoping out your car


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Nov 25, 2017
Has this happened to you? Seems like whenever I'm somewhere where I can see my parked car, there are people hovering around...



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Jun 7, 2016
Yep, I’ve had a few instances of this. Parked my car at work where I could see it from my office window and had someone taking a good long look all around my Model 3. I ended up flashing the lights using the phone app a few times just to mess with them a little bit :D

Most recent incident was when my wife and I were heading back to our car after seeing Avengers Infinity War. Another couple was peering into my Model 3 as we walked up to it. They were Model S owners with a Model 3 reservation. I appreciated the interest from a fellow Tesla owner but my wife thought it was creepy, haha.


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Jul 15, 2008
Angwin (Napa Valley) CA
Mostly it's the intelligent people. They know what it is, but they haven't seen one. I go out and offer to let them sit in it, see the screen, see the buttonless dash board, maybe even take it for a ride or drive. I tell them it's about the same price as a Toyota or Honda, as the average of these go out the door at $35K. I also tell them I paid for more battery and I have EAP, and if I'm giving the demo, we go auto for a block or so.

This is SO much more fun than just watching. I know I've sold cars this way, and I suspect I have convinced several people. I remember one couple, German accent, telling me at the end of a drive, "Ve haf been alvays Mercedes. Not any more." Another couple last week, "500,000 people in line?? So... if I start putting my money in savings, I'll have enough when they get mine built!"

You got it baby.


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Oct 13, 2012
Kansas, USA
I doubt they’re trying to open the door. I’m guessing they are assuming the doors are locked and just curious how the door handle works since they’ve heard about them or seen them on TV/YouTube.
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Aug 12, 2013
Tampa, FL
Funny. Back in 2013 when I got my first Model S, I frequently had hand and face prints on my driver and passenger windows from where people were trying to look inside the car.
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Dec 13, 2017
As we walked back to the car after our first supercharger stop following delivery yesterday evening, a fellow had pulled alongside (license plate 'TEKSAVVY') and was taking pictures... said he made reservation in June of '16 ("Be patient!"). While driving through Kansas City's 'Plaza' area, where the Tesla showroom is located, we were getting double takes right and left.


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Feb 14, 2018
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On occasion I park mine in front of the sales center so at least they have one to show until they get theirs. Of course it is locked.

Even had an ex ford executive asked me about it yesterday. He was walking home after dropping his car off for transport. I happened to be outside going into work.

At first he did not like the door handles. (Had him try it by himself 3 times) but we moved on. He hopped into the drivers seat and I said hey you want to drive it....He Loved the acceleration and laughed and appreciated the option of chill mode. The wording of chill mode. The interior and design was his favorite part of the car. He really appreciated the minimalism of the interior.
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Mar 15, 2016
Shelton, CT
It was raining on my way out of the gym the other night so rather than hope my phone would work and unlock the doors I decide to manually unlock it via the app. As I'm coming in view of my car is when I actually press the button. There happened to be a guy peering in my car at the time and I got to see his startled look as the car unlocked, mirrors unfold, and lights blink. He hadn't seen me yet so he quickly got in his car and drove off.


Aug 7, 2017
Southern California
Haven't noticed anyone checking out the car in CA. There are so many Tesla's, even 3s are rapidly increasing in numbers that nobody bats an eye. I think my X is still getting more attention then the 3. But I do feel people view the 3 as the poor man's Tesla and this $35k price Elon promised is what people perceive the car as, even though we all know here it's basically a $60k car right now with EAP and taxes. In CA this is becoming more like a premium Prius, will be everywhere and this is a good thing because that will mean electric cars will be the new norm.


Mar 15, 2016
Shelton, CT
But I do feel people view the 3 as the poor man's Tesla and this $35k price Elon promised is what people perceive the car as, even though we all know here it's basically a $60k car right now with EAP and taxes. In CA this is becoming more like a premium Prius, will be everywhere and this is a good thing because that will mean electric cars will be the new norm.

I can tell you for sure no one here on the east coast sees it the way you describe. I've had several interactions with people where they tell me how awesome my car looks and then ask me what the hell it is like I drive some sort of exotic brand car. Then they are even further impressed when I tell them its all electric.

I think most people here are completely unaware of tesla let alone the model 3. The lack of badging contributes to that for sure. I've even had several people think my 3 is an S.


Feb 7, 2018
Have a few highlights to share with this thread! Although, a lowlight was a discussion with an enthusiastic person, right up until I told him the cost. Could see his heart break :(

At dinner last weekend, sitting on the patio, some kids/teenagers (3) parked and were visually stoked to see the car in person. The lead was very demonstrative in explaining to his friends what it was. Just to mess with them, I flashed the lights. Also honked the horn at a woman that hit the car with her huge purse (another lowlight) ><

Had one guy come to a complete stop on a highway to visibly gawk at the car. I was in the stopped lane; he had about 2-300 yards of open road. That was funny, but ultimately very unsafe.

Had a conversation in the middle of rush hour traffic one day with a reservation holder. That was probably the best highlight.
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Apr 20, 2015
pretty normal experience, and even more so for the 3 as well want to see it, even as a current owner of a TESLA much less one of the 400,000 first week reservations holders. be willing to talk, and maybe explain pros and cons of TESLA...


Feb 17, 2018
Have definitely had a few. Other day, I parked my car and as I was moving a bag from back seat to trunk a couple - probably in their early 30s walked by - and the guy said, "Hey, that's the new Tesla." The girl said, "It looks kinda like a mini SUV." They smiled and kept walking. I also got a VERY enthusiastic thumbs up from a driver in Porsche Panamera Turbo today. Have had 5-6 instances like this in the last two months.

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