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On February 1-3 I drove from Bellingham. WA to Indio, CA in my standard dual motor, long range MY mostly using I-5 ,1420 miles spending two nights in hotels. I used 484 kW that cost me $162.96. I drove 5-10 mph over the speed limit and it was cold as West Coast cold goes. My tires were 1-2 lbs under pressure and I have stock everything. Last May I drove the same route faster but warmer in my LR M3 and only spent $89. Do I have a problem?
Did you also charge at the same spots? $163 across 484 kW equates to a little over 33 cents per kW, which seems high to me. I thought Tesla charges 26 cents per kW at Superchargers? Or does it vary by location? Did you use other types of chargers besides Superchargers?

From a purely efficiency standpoint, it seems you’re getting a tad over 200 miles of range (326 rated miles), and that is actually within norms for winter weather (30-40% loss).

Are you also sure you didn’t use any free referral Supercharging miles when you took the trip with M3?