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Range data from removing Aero Wheel Covers

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TL DR; 16.7% increase in Wh/mile with aero wheel covers off.

ML ND; 54 mile drive: 4 miles of surface streets, 50 miles freeway. Freeway speed was between 75 and 85. Similar driving style.


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Seems way too high to me. More details are in order.

Highway speeds were 75-85 mph? What does that mean exactly? Were the speeds identical on both runs out not?

Were the two runs done right after each other to ensure similar temps and winds?

Did each run stop/start at the same location to minimize effects from changes in elevation and wind direction?

Was climate control turned off?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

(Also, what is ML ND?)
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My experience is my experience, obviously. Your mileage may vary.

That being said, I have driven the same route to work for 16 days. Each time was a consistent 240 ish Wh/m. Again, it’s not scientific, but I feel it’s a consistent data point.

I’ve only driven once without the covers, but that is a significant change. Also, I did not hoondog it and Otto was my pilot.