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Range Estimate


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Jul 9, 2014
This is a great thread... Thanks for sharing. I recently ordered an 85D and can't wait. However, (at least right now) I can't imagine convincing my wife to take the Tesla on a road trip and stop every hour or two for 15-30 mins. Especially after years of pushing her to go 3-4 hours between stops where we typically grab food to go. Anyone figured out how much time it actually adds on to a 10-12 hour road trip?

We did two 10 hour road trips separated by three days in our third day of ownership:

Toronto to New York city - trip planning

My wife FAR preferred the supercharging stops and the comfort of the Tesla over ever other road trip, and that includes the 36' Class A RV we toured the east coast in a few years ago.

Our road trip ended up taking 30 minutes more than it would have in a gas car driving "the way we do", namely, we stop for breaks and take a nice long lunch and dinner when driving 10 hours in a day.


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Apr 6, 2013
Tokyo, Japan
definitely get better before that trip. Where you headed to and in which Tesla GNXS?
Hiroshiy: how do you like your dash cam?

@Tesla S1: in Japanese Tesla we don't have that range assurance feature yet, as we only have a few SC s. I do the similar calculation with just Rated Range :)

The DR650DW-2CH? Works great. It seems previous models like 400 had many heat issues in Japan, and it's not compatible with LED signals Blackvues are not very popular. Mine is working perfect under Tokyo weather. Re LEDs I think Blackvue should use 28fps or 32fps or something like that to get better image of traffic signals.
Thanks @Tesla S1: My first adventure in my P85D going long distance was great. I had to go 186 miles between SCs at longest stretch and no issues. I set to sport mode & then range mode on, kept my speed at the legal limit or no more than 5 miles, outside temp was 75-80 degrees and kept fan at 4 with temp set at 72. The whole key was (as advised) was setting first, the NAV to the SC that was my intermediate goal (waypoint) and then watching my electrical usage by monitoring the trip graph. I would also look to see how many miles left to go per the NAV and the rated miles to get a sense of where we stood. My personal comfort zone became to have a 10% reserve per the graph when reaching the SC waypoint. I did get down to 8% a few times on the graph while driving ealy on in the trip and then slow down in 5 mph increments until we would get the trip graph back to 11%-12% range. It was simple and straight forward. The comment to not over think the trip was the best advise I got, just let the trip graph guide your driving.

On the return trip, I got a bit more confident and charged to just 240 miles rated range (vs 256 max I get) for my 186 mile trip to next SC. It took 55 min for the Supercharging to get my P85D from 72 miles of range to 240 miles of range at the first supercharger and it was estimated to take another 15 min to get to 256 miles of range, so figured 240 rated miles was plenty to go the 186 miles. Three hours of driving later at 70 miles an hour with several pretty long stretches of slowed by construction driving reached the next SC with 33 miles rated remaining.

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and the charging stops were indeed a nice chance to relax a bit and a get a bite to eat or a grab a starbucks. However, my brother-in-law driving an ICE car beat us home by nearly two hours and a 4 1/2 hour ICE trip took us 6 1/2 hours. Since we were not in a rush, it was fine, but still kind of ticked me off and showed me why electrics still really can't be the only car you own, at least for most of us.

My P85D drove great and was very comfortable ride, I think quiet and less vibration vs ICE really makes a difference. My next trip, I may try to push the car a bit farther to try and skip a SC, by driving a bit slower. The offset is the charging does significantly slow the closer you get to max mile range, the miles added during the first 20 min or so of charging is impressive, so finding the optimal blance between charging stops still seems like a bit of an art.

Tesla S1

Jun 19, 2012
LaTache: That is great you had a good road trip. Do not let an ICE tick you off..in due time there will be a 120kWh battery and more efficiency. At least we KNOW we can do a national road trip if needed and mkjajakumar brought a GREAT POINT up... 2.5 hours but at what GAS cost. Of course, all of us are biased, but I would much rather be in a Tesla than ICE car for that road trip. I understand the offset to get to MAX charge, hence the reason I just charged for 15-20 min. each time.

hiroshiy: thanks for input on camera.

SmartElectric: agreed

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