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Range not improving with weather?

I have been getting about a 30% loss in range in my MY during the winter, and wasn't too concerned. But yesterday I drove about 200 miles with temps in the 50s, and estimate a mileage loss still over 25%. After driving last 100 mi., for example, the range indicator went from 250 mi to about 120. Is this normal? I mostly was on Autopilot at 68mph.
Do you have the OE tires? It could have been due to a significant head wind. Did you precondition the Tesla vehicle for at least 10 or 20 minutes before starting your trip? How did you have the climate control set? Also, 50s F is not all that warm. I would expect the Tesla's range to improve once the outside temperature is above 70F.

Other things that individually make little difference but taken together can add up to significantly improved range:

Tire pressure
Clean vehicle exterior
Limit unnecessary cargo
Use the seat heaters, limit use of the climate control system

One thing that will make a significant impact on your driving range is your average speed. Try and stay below 65 MPH to maximize your efficiency and driving range.
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You joined her on Dec. 2, dead of winter. Did you own your car through the summer months? What are you basing this "30% loss in range" on? Compared to what? If it's the EPA estimates, you should be aware you'll only get close to that if you keep your tires at 42psi, no cargo, no wind, no elevation changes, and drive between 40-50mph, with a very soft right foot.
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In contrast, I did a 200 km (total) round-trip yesterday with 1000 ft elevation gain in the middle at around 50F, and felt very happy that I only used 245 km of nominal range. I had HVAC off for the return leg because the sun was so warm. The numbers are definitely looking better as spring arrives here!
I did not have a chance to drive far enough to care about range but efficiency stats definitely change as it's getting warmer.


2021 Model Y LR, 19" Geminis still in winter tires.