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Range Rover SVR to EV but I'm torn.

I've been a passenger in a M3LR and a M3P, both in the back.
The M3P rides rather more harshly, reminds me of the AMG C63.
So I bought a M3LR, intedning to buy the AB, but haven't bothered.

I've considered changing, but to what?
The M3 Dual Motor has range, a good price point, performance and comfort, but is beginning to lack exclusivity.
I did think about a Model S, but after a 24 hour test drive (Tesla Winchester's service loan car) it is just too big and certainly isn't a go cart.

Perhaps one day there will be a direct competitor for the M3LR, but there certainly isn't yet.


Dec 27, 2021
They are semi SUVs, as is the MY. I wanted a car...
I've had my M3P for 3 days now. Previously owned a W222 s-class. I've been pleasantly surprised by the NVH and primary ride quality of the Tesla. Obviously the performance is on a totally different level but the way that the performance is delivered so effortlessly in everyday driving makes the M3P unique.


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Nov 2, 2015
Suffolk, UK
Effortless just about sums up the M3

I agree. I would add to that that I find that AutoPilot reduces driver-workload, on longer motorway journeys, such that I arrive more refreshed than I did with ICE. Less noise and so on may have something to do with it. I read one phycologist's report that said that part of what people prefer with EV is being smug, so if that's it that's fine ... either way, I arrive in better shape :)
You wouldn’t say M3 is comfortable at the back if you sat behind and your other half is driving you around in what we call here as the Lakes (it is Lake districts). It is a comfy car in autobahn, european roads, american roads, British motorways in that order. Not very comfortable in britain’s A, B and unnamed roads.
True… I treat the M3 as a 2 seater with ability to carry more in an emergency. Totally agree with road harshness on UK roads… lived outside Newmarket for 5 years.
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Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Order has been placed, can’t wait!


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Aug 26, 2017
Tea Gardens
Hi Guys,

Just sold my Range Rover SVR 2019. It was on PCP, recently sold it as I was in positive equity and settled the agreement, the leftover I'm putting towards solar and battery storage. Loved the car however time for something more practical and it will also be quite a significant cost saving exercise, especially with inflating fuel costs.

As part of my recent review at work I've been advised I have a circa £60-70k budget top end for a company car. This will save me a fortune as the RRS was a personal lease and honestly with fuel, insurance, mileage allowance etc. stood me at circa £1800 a month. In contrast the company car is going to be serviced, insured and maintained by my employer with me literally only paying the BIK. So from £1800 a month to well under £50. Free charging will be available at work 22kw x 2 chargers and only myself and my boss with EV's.

My commute is 50 miles round trip so it does fit rather well into my life. My wife also has the New Fiat 500 which has helped with my decision to move to EV, I'm a petrol head but I'm genuinely excited to transition. This is also reason for solar mainly to charge her car but occasionally for mine if off work etc,

It's a no brainer.

Now I've driven the Polestar 2, Model 3 LR and Model Y LR, disregarded the P2 from this I'm now torn between the Model 3 and Model Y. I'm 6 foot 2 however i'm genuinely happy from a comfort perspective in both the Model 3 and Model Y however feel more at home in the Y coming from a larger vehicle. I have no real additional space requirements. I have no kids and don't plan to, it's just a commuter for me with personal use.

Now for my dilemma. If the Model Y was as fast as the Model 3 i'd probably go Y however it isn't and the performance gap only increases with the available deliveries.

So my options taking into account I slightly prefer the Model Y for additional space however really do enjoy performance so that I feel is trumping space considering i don't have kids etc.

Looking late year deliveries for anything other than the below options, this is really pushing me down the Model 3 route. Has anyone else opted for performance over comfort and regretted or alternatively opted for comfort over performance and regretted it?

Model 3 Performance - May 2022 (Circa £60k)
Model Y Long Range - May 2022 (£Circa 55k)

If it was my personal car i'd probably go for Model Y and add AB so close the gap on performance. However as it's my employers this is not really an option.

Just really interested to see what others have done when driven by delivery timescales etc.
Why did you discard the Polestar 2?

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