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Rattling coming from B pillar?

Same here, my 2018 has the same b pillar buzzing which is very noticeable when driving on the highways. I've narrowed it down to the seat belt height adjuster on the b pillar. I'll add this to my next round of repairs for the mobile service folks.
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Just realized I’m a 2018 and don’t know if Mobile will retro mine according to a previous post but I’ll attempt it. Didnt realize they actually had a revised part for it. They’ve been just putting felt tape in there in an attempt to fix it from what I’ve read.


Did that fix the issue? No more buzzing/rattles?

No it did not fix the noise 100%. Clicking still present but very faint and you have to hold you ear against the B-pillar to hear it with silence in the cabin.
Beyond that there were a couple highway-speed noises pinpointed by a mobile tech today. Loose panel at the rear just behind the bumper. Tech installed foam in that area plus at the plastic underneath both rocker panels.
*5/5/20 UPDATE* Car was at SC for axle clicking. B-pillar clicking/fluttering been getting progressively worse over the last couple months including rattle from the bottom of the panel over rough pavement ~40-50mph. It's now heard at lower speeds where before it was highway only (70+mph). SC telling me they can't hear anything and I'm fed up. The car literally has no other rattling issues. I plan to take it apart and use foam tape, etc... and see how that does. Very upsetting .......
Folks, I have had a buzzing noise coming from driver side B-pillar (maybe passenger side as well now after 6k miles). Does not always happen and really depend on road surface and frequency that gets transferred from tire -> suspension -> frame -> trim?. I did some felt tape and applied some trim dressing 3 weeks ago and now the buzz is coming back...will try a more durable dressing this time. Will update back if I am successful on resolving the issue :)
Would you be able to post a couple photos from your fix? Or at least of the area?

Not my car but same idea. I ran the foam tape up higher until the gap tightened about the height of where the camera/repeater is.