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RCM Reinstallation. Model x

I've searched the forums, and Tesla's service manuals, but cant seem to find a answer.

2017 model X 100D was involved in a minor accident which ripped off the bumper, thus deploying front airbags. Currently in the repairing process. As of right now the following has been fixed.
All deployed airbags
RCM has been reset of all crash codes.

RCM AND AIRBAGS are currently installed in the car, with the HV Battery disconnected via the Pyro fuse. Pyro fuse was not cut by anybody, just disconnected by hand. I'm looking for guidance on having the car cycle through the RCM without redeploying the airbags. Is it safe to just turn it on cause its been clear of crash codes? Do I Need to clear any DTC's via Toolbox 3 first before connected the Pyro fuse? Do I need to install the bumper with the crash sensors first before I turn cycle the car so the airbags dont deploy again? Can I cycle the car without the crash sensors reinstalled?
Bumper doesn't have crash sensors, only parking sensors.
If u turn the car on w/o crash sensors connected u will get some error but might be different from crash data.
I haven't heard of any airbags deploying from just turning on the car with errors n such.