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Reactivated 1+ year old order & got a delivery date

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Hello long time lurker, I'm posting this hoping it will help someone somehow.
I had placed my 7 seat MY order back in late 2019 / early 2020. Put a $2500 deposit. First it was the 7 seat delay, then we had some family things, we kept delaying it out. I was also waiting for the new headlight. But fate had different plans, now I need a car.

This morning, I called Tesla, asked to make some configuration changes:
-Back to 5 seat (I know. 7 seat is a bit tight, takes space, we won't need it that much, going with 5 seats. Plus cheaper)
-Added tow hitch (no brainer)
-Removed full self-driving (I'm an early adopter, wanted to try it, but for my purposes Auto Pilot will do just fine. I tested it and pretty good long distance & highway. I don't think I'll trust Full Self-driving just yet. Maybe later).

They quoted me the price I would have gotten if I placed the order now. I asked if I get any discount, they essentially said the car was more expensive when I was ordered, I don't get anything. I guess I might have been able to keep full self-driving at a reduced price, but I did not ask. I did see the 20" wheels went from $1500 to $2000, I asked if I could get that at $1500 they said no. Maybe I didn't get the right person or didn't push enough.

I picked the lease option (never leased a vehicle before, I figure I try & learn + plus technology changes so quickly, maybe I'll get the cybertruck next), I got approved almost instantly.

The interesting things is now I have a delivery window March 18 - March 24!!! I need to schedule it!!! Super excited so far, crossing fingers. Any tips?