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Realizing that I have an oddball 2021 MY

Took delivery of a MY LR in blue in late February
according to the vin search, it was built on Dec 31st 2020

I do not have the new console
I do not have the new headlamps

I do have the heated wheel
I do have the double pane windows
I do have the autodim mirror
I have the black door handles
I have the 326 mile range

I took delivery 3 days after they lowered the price $1000 and before they raised it back to where it was

curious if anyone else has a mix of the refresh updates like I do

to answer the question before it's asked- I didnt wait to take delivery since my former car, a Subaru, had it's lease ending the same week I took delivery
Why do you think it's an oddball? This was a typical build at that time. They changed to the new console on or after Feb 7th 2021. At some point in late 2020 (like perhaps December) they started putting in the heated steering wheel and double pane glass. Many of us has the same config as you. My Model Y was built in early January 2021 and it's the same as yours. New headlights are only confirmed so far in a Model Y Performance.
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