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Really loud and bizarre creaking coming from front left

I had my left-front control arm go wonky, and this is very serious stuff: the only real event I have had with the car.

I could both hear and feel that the steering was not correct.
PLEASE take your car to the local Service Center, and have it reviewed ASAP.
Or have the Service Center come and pick the car up and bring you a loaner.

I had called both National TM and the local service Center alerting them that something was "not right".
Unfortunately, they were not aware how serious it actually was (I wasn't crying Wolf).

When mine finally failed (completely) the next day, the car literally was un-drivable and had to be towed.
They paid to have me Ubered me around for a couple of days and got me a loaner (dropped it off for me as I arrived at the airport), and finally got the car fixed and replaced the front tire and wheel liner.
I have the exact same thing. Front left only. Can only be heard while driving slowly and getting on/off accelerator. Mine keeps coming and going so when I am at the SC it of course doesn't do it. I did capture it very clearly on video and sent to my service advisor. Have not heard back yet. Is there a clear diagnosis for this? I see sway bar and ball joints mentioned above.