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Rear camera replacement needed?

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When in reverse my rear camera goes on 90% of the time. I brought it to the SC for a few things and asked them to check it out and let me know before doing anything,. Just got the invoice and they replaced the rear camera for $856! Did the rear camera really need to be replaced or was it a software issue?
I haven't seen any software issues relating to rear camera intermittent failures. Weird that it would usually come on, sometimes not, resulting in a faulty camera. Seems like it would be a connection issue, or software. Of course if the connection to the camera was corroded or bad, it should be fixed now. I wouldn't think the camera would be a very expensive part. Did they do Diagnostics of something? Pretty pricey.
You can check the epc.tesla.com for parts number and whether it has any sales restrictions, service manual is also online, and it looks like you need to use toolbox to calibrate after replacing it. Ebay usually is another place to look for parts, but make sure you have all the parts and clips needed..