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rear defroster question

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Hi, Today was attaching my rear license plate on my 3 week old S85D and noticed something strange about the rear defroster lines.

I haven't tried to use the defroster yet so I don't know whether I have a problem.

I noticed that the lines are not contiguous. There are breaks within a line. How can that work if there is no continuity?

I noticed at least 4 places where the lines seem broken with an 1/8 of an inch missing..

Here is an image, though not good quality. Its hard to get a closeup of that area without a better camera.
But you can see the gap.

Any thoughts? Is this normal?
thanks in advance.
On a related point, when I took delivery, the SC actually taped the paper temp plate on the inside of the rear window. I thought nothing of it till I got home.

Isn't that a bad thing to do since it can lift the defroster lines?

I was VERY careful when I removed the taped temporary paper license plate.

The line breaks I saw were not in the area where he taped the temp plate though. But it still seems like a bad idea to do that.
I was told by a Tesla employee that the antenna for opening the charge port is on the hatch window.

Could be for that and for the fob when your at the back opening the trunk. I've noticed I have to move well up the side of the car for the handles to extend, but I can be squarely at the back of my locked car and release the hatch with a press of the hatch button.