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Rear door hinge bent slightly coming out of garage. Options?

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My son left the door open as he climbed into the back seat. Without realizing it, I backed up and clipped my wife's car on the way out. I stopped as soon as I heard contact, but the rear door hinge/pillar had already been pulled back slightly, maybe five degrees beyond where it normally stops. There is actually no obvious damage to the outside of the door, except for a minor scratch mark where the cars made contact, but the door doesn't close fully now without a stiff push because presumably the hinge itself or the connection point on the B pillar has been slightly bent.

I'm trying to figure out my best option here. I imagine body shops deal with this sort of thing all the time, but not sure if an aluminum body makes a difference -- or if the parts in question are even aluminum to start with. Should I consider Tesla collision repair? A Tesla-certified shop? Should I involve insurance or is this a fairly simple repair that wouldn't go much beyond my $1000 deductible? I'd be willing to pay maybe $1500 out of pocket to keep insurance out of it, but don't know if this fix is likely to go into the thousands...