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Rear drivers door interior panel is loose and rattling

Got my model y in September and have enjoyed it a ton. A few panel gaps but nothing really bad and that never really bothered me. However, horrible rattling well driving is another story. Started when it got cold and I'm not sure if something got loose or if it was already loose and now with the cold it's very noticeable.

Rear driver side interior panel is loose and I realized I could pull on it and easily separate it from the bodywork, if I loosen the 2 screws I'm sure it would just separate completely. I can see a bunch of tabs.anchors, several plastic tabs around the outside of the panel and a few metal anchors that look to go into holes in the metal body of the door to, I assume, secure the interior panel to the metal frame of the door, but in this case they are doing nothing. When you push them into the door frame there isn't any click or lock or anything that happens. All the other doors are tight and you can can't pull the panel away from the rest of the door like you can in this case.

The mobile service isn't available where I am so I would have to drive over an hour to a tesla shop and since you can rarely get them on the phone and everything is booked through the app I have little confidence in the system. My delivery was all messed up and I could also never get them on the phone. SO, I'd prefer to do something myself if possible.

I've seen a few videos of model3 front door panel removals and I assume it's pretty similar on the Y and the rear door but I'm really trying to figure out if these plastic anchors are actually supposed to lock into place in the metal body frame and if there is anything I can do without spare parts to secure this panel correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.
There are videos on how to remove the Y doors as well. It is dead simple--took me less than 5 minutes for a front door and I'm not a mechanic. Remove and check to make sure that the pop-it fasteners are all set correctly and that all the male ends are on the interior panel and all the female ends are seated properly in the door shell. Then put the panel back on (making sure all the tabs are aligned and it is hanging properly) and give it a good thunk to lock everything in place.