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Rear Driver's side door does not open from inside

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I have a 2014 (Nov build) Model S85 (w/ AP1). I've had this intermittent issue where the rear driver's side door would not open when you pull on the inside door latch/handle. To open the door, I would need to open it from the outside door handle. (I made sure that the child protection lock setting was not on in the UI settings.)

Does anyone know what issue this could be where the inside door latch will not open the door (but it can be opened from the outside)? Looking at the various forums post, the rear doors handles are electronically connected to the door latch (unlike the front doors where there is a mechanical connection is you pull far enough). Since I can open the door from the outside, I don't think it's a door latch mechanism issue.

If anyone have any insights, I'd greatly appreciate it!
You can use the emergency release if all else fails. Just make sure the glass rolls down a bit before closing. It should...

I assume the other side works? That should rule out the child lock setting.

Yes, the rear passenger side side door works fine with opening from the inside. This intermittent issue has recently become a more permanent issue where the rear driver's side door no longer opens from the inside. I don't hear the whirling sound (from the door latch opening?) when I pull on the inside door handle.
Just to revisit this issue. I brought it into the Service Center and they diagnosed it to the wiring harness being pinched when the front driver side door was ajar. Over time, this is causing a short on the bus communicating from the door handles to the electric latch on the frame of the car. Someone on Reddit just posted this same issue, that's why I remembered to reply back to this thread.

They ended up replacing the wire harness since it was damaged/creased from the front door. The total cost was around $500 for parts and labor.