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My Model S 75D got rear ended

Of course my car fared much better than the other guy but damage still fairly substantial, quoted ~$28,000. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations regarding dealing with insurance, etc.
1. Call your insurance company to file a claim.
2. Give them your video proving 100% fault of the car that rear-ended you.
3. Relax and enjoy the benefits of being insured so you avoid all the hassles.

Hope everyone is physically okay! If not, see doctor and give that bill to the insurance company.
Same thing happened to me a month ago. First quote was $32,000. They quickly totaled it. Go online especially on Tesla’s website to find similar cars with similar miles. Make sure you expand the location search. Send screenprints to insurance once they say it’s totaled and it has been assigned to a loss specialist. Do the prints now! The cars do decline every week. You are out of a car today and why not be reimbursed based on prices today not two weeks when they get there act together to determine it is totaled and the lag before they pay out!

You could wait to see what they come up with in terms of a payout. My experience shows don’t wait. They had my research and when they did there’s and sent the report, it showed a big lowball. But with my research, they matched the price which was $8000 more than what there research did.

Also remember to ask for sales tax on that car that is similar. If the accident isn’t your fault then they must pay for that too. You will have to pay it!

One caveat, mine was a Facelifted 2016 90D model S. A lot of the comparisons were non Facelifted versions. This is the issue with Tesla changing features during a model year. They don’t know how to handle that as it hasn’t generally hasn’t been done before with other car companies. So again they could compare to a pre updated car you may have.

Finally, when I bought my new model S, I added new car coverage for the two years allowed by the insurance company. This replaces with a like for like and will prevent this whole hassle above for the first two years if god forbid, it happens again. Cost, $228 a year.

My accident was at high speed. Was on autopilot and it saw that two cars ahead was slowing. So the Tesla started to brake. The person was following too closely and nailed me at high speed. Everyone walked away fine. Safest car on the road.
I had a similar experience recently. How did you do in the end with the repair, was it fully covered? I was advised after the repair to file a Diminished Value Claim, as the book value of the Model S went down with an accident on file. Did you file that? Thank you
Was there already a police cruiser on the side of the highway or is that a car getting towed? Did police eventually get involved and file a report? Good thing for Sentry Mode cameras although nobody is going to question who's fault it is during a rear-end accident. Hope neither driver suffers any long-term injuries.