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Rear Seat Tesla S 2016 For Sale

Rear jump seat for sale. From what I understand there might be a bumper add-on for this as well that would need to be removed. Buyer must come to my house and take the seat and bumper removed by them. I live in the Naperville area of Chicago.

Asking $600 OBO.

3rd party install RFS (Rear Facing Seats)

here's the other parts you need to sell:
- The left inner trim panel with the trunk switch for trunk passengers (looking from outside trunk, the trim pieces on the left that holds the parcel shelf, note the switch underneath
- Don't lose the brackets on the left and right (keep all screws, bolts and bezels)
- You'll need to remove the two cover pieces on the backs of your seats which will expose cut leather and the striker mounts
- You need to remove the mounts at the base of the seats. Be careful to NOT lose the retaining nuts behind the well pan
- you will be left with cut carpet missing from where the seats fold down at the pivot points where the seats fold into the well.

If you sell/buy, swap your parcel shelf trim pieces with the donor and receiver car. Consider swapping trunk carpets and Rear seat backs as well. Hope your configs match.

I also hope your bumper has the mounts for the reinforced bumper. IIRC Tesla stopped adding those bolts on certain cars circa 2014-2016
Thanks for the info. We both own 2016 models, so we will just swap the corresponding parts so that he has a clean non third seat trunk and I have a clean third seat trunk. No need to have either looking rigged when we can exchange the matching trim and have everything looking the way it should in both cars.